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High on Life: Bounty 9-Torg – Walkthrough



High on Life: Bounty 9-Torg – Walkthrough

High on Life will take you on an adventure where you will become a Bounty Hunter and hunt the local and G3 Cartel bosses to save the Earth from Evil Aliens. The first Bounty that you will have to accept is of 9-Torg, a local gangster.

In this guide, we’ll cover the first bounty to take down 9-Torg in High on Life.

Bounty 9-Torg – Walkthrough

After completing the Prologue of the game, your character will meet the famous Bounty Hunter of Blim City and he will give you his Bounty Suit in exchange for a place in your house. He will set up a Bounty 5000 machine in your house which let you accept the bounty of different bosses. The first Bounty that you will get is of 9-Torg and she is a local gangster of a place called Slums. You need to interact with the Bounty 5000 machine and select “Accept Bounty” to activate her bounty.

Gene Zaroothian will tell you that Slums is actually in Blim City and you can reach it by going through its Gateway. Go outside of the house and reach the Downtown Area of the city. You can also use the Info Scanner ability of your Bounty Suit by pressing the Up button of the directional keys to see the waypoint on the screen. Follow the waypoint and the gateway will be on your left side. You need to interact with two aliens at the gateway. They will only open the door if you select which alien is much hotter. Select any one of them and then confirm it by choosing the same alien you chose and that alien will open his side of the door to the Slums.

High on Life: Bounty 9-Torg – Walkthrough

Go through the Tunnel to reach the Slums area and as you go down into the Slums, you will get to fight the enemies. Kill the enemies and there will be a fisherman at the docks. Talk to the local to ask the whereabouts of 9-Torg, he will give you the hint of going through a laundromat to reach Sludgewerks. After talking to him, Kenny will tell you to use his ability named “Glob Shot” to lower the pieces of the bridge. You can use it by aiming at the pieces and then pressing the RB button. Shoot at the pieces to lower them to reach the other side. Take down the enemies on the other side of the sludge by using the Glob Shot and it will bring a platform to your side.

Jump on the Platform and then jump in front to cross the sludge. Use the platforms on the left side again to cross the sludge and reach the shop/ Take out the enemies outside the shop and then go inside the shop to get Gene’s Knife named “Knifey”. Go through the cutscene and get Knifey “A talking Knife”. He will be your second weapon of the game and it can be used to stab enemies at a close range. Knifey has a secondary ability to latch itself to metal surfaces or bugs. Press the LB button to use the Tether Ability of Knifey.

High on Life: Bounty 9-Torg – Walkthrough

Get out of the Shop by using the Tether ability and make your way from the roof of the Slums. Use the zipline to reach the Sludgewerks. Take down the enemies at the docks and then go up the stairs. More enemies will come, kill all of them and go inside a closed door from where the enemies came. As you go inside the door, the next door will open revealing 9-Torg. You will go through a cutscene of 9-Torg and the boss battle will start. It is a simple boss fight but 9-Torg has some moves up in her sleeves so, make sure to watch out for them. You can also check our detailed guide on how to defeat 9-Torg to see how to defeat her easily,

High on Life: Bounty 9-Torg – Walkthrough

After defeating 9-Torg, you will have to interact with her body to get her DNA. After that, make your way back to Blim City by going through the same tunnel you came in. Go back to your house and interact with Bounty 5000 to complete the bounty and you will get 1,000 Pesos as a reward.

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