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Highlights from CD Projekt RED’s Emergency Investor Meeting on Cyberpunk 2077 Launch



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On December 14, CDPR developers held an emergency meeting with investors, a 50-minute recording of which was published on the official website of the studio.

Basically, the conversation was about how “addictive” the game turned out to be and how long it will be able to hold the audience’s attention and maintain the pace of sales. But other topics were also discussed.

  • The CEO of CDPR admits that due to the problematic release of the game, the studio has lost the trust of players, and the developers intend to return it.
  • Versions of the game for the last generation of consoles, even after all the patches will not change radically. The main priority of developers is to make sure that on PS4 and Xbox One you can complete the game from start to finish without serious problems. The quality of the image and environment will not get better.
  • According to the developers, the versions of the game for PS4 and Xbox One were not given to the press, because work on them went “right up to the last minutes”.
  • Testing of Cyberpunk 2077 was carried out mainly inside the studio-on their own and remotely: employees themselves passed builds of the game and caught bugs. External contractors are having problems due to Covid-19. At the same time, versions for consoles of the outgoing generation were given the least attention.
  • The main team of the game will rest until February. In the coming days, the game will be released a big fix, after which users are waiting for two more large-scale patches — they will be released in January and February 2021.
  • Multiplayer is still planned for 2022, but it can be moved to 2023 – depending on how much time it takes to polish the main game and story additions.
  • Investors are afraid of mass returns of the game and ask the developers how the process of revoking copies from Microsoft and Sony takes place. CDPR says that the Studio does not have any special agreements with both companies about refunds.
  • There are no plans to reduce the cost of the game for consoles of the outgoing generation. The developers just want to fix these versions.
  • The main focus of the studio was the PC version, but it was never planned to release the game only on PC or without consoles of the previous generation.
  • Sony and Microsoft certified the game on consoles only because they assumed that the developers would fix everything for release. CDPR says the problem is on their side.
  • CDPR management is confident that the game did not need to be moved further. The developers also believe that they will not need to increase the team to fix the situation as soon as possible.
  • The main argument of the developers for all the concerns of investors was “a free update for the next generation of consoles”. CDPR hopes that even those players who do not currently have a PS5 and Xbox Series, will not return the money and just return to the game on the new hardware.
  • When asked by an investor about AI in the game, the developers said that they treat it as one of the bugs that is planned to be fixed.
  • One of the investors asked what part of the team is currently engaged in the development of “the witcher 4”, but did not receive a clear answer to his question. Technically, CDPR did not confirm the continuation of the series, but the studio previously stated that its future will be built on these two franchises.

Earlier, the review aggregator OpenCritic publicly accused the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 of deliberately hiding information about the technical state of the game on the consoles of the outgoing generation.

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