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Lethal Company: How to Move Furniture and Decorative items



Lethal Company: Move Furniture

Making space in your ship’s main room is one of the main aspects of the game that players will get to do at some point in the game. The ship’s main room is filled with several shelves and tables that will cover a decent amount of space which can be utilized for storing the scraps you loot from the facilities on the moon. Instead of keeping the furniture against the walls, you can move it around to create a cover or you can store it inside the ship’s storage.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to move furniture and decorative items in Lethal Company.

How to Move Furniture and Decorative Items in Lethal Company

Initially, players will tend to store the goods/scraps that they looted from the facilities around in the ship’s main room which will gradually fill up the room requiring you to make more space for the items or sell them. Whatever the case, it is best to move them in a certain order which creates more space in the room, or store them inside the Ship’s Storage. To move the furniture items in Lethal Company, follow the following steps.

  • Go near the furniture item and press the ‘B’ button to pick it up.
  • Look around for a preferred position for the furniture item and use the ‘R’ button to rotate it or press the ‘B’ to place it.

If you want to store the furniture items that you don’t need, pick up those items by pressing the ‘B’ button and then press the ‘X’ button to store them in the ship’s storage. You can view all the objects that you have stored inside Ship’s Storage by typing the ‘Storage’ command on the terminal. As you progress further ahead by completing your quotas, new furniture and decorative items will unlock in the Store that you will be able to buy.

Most of the new furniture items allow you to store more scrap in them than the starting cabinets and shelves. It is better to invest some credits on the furniture as well to increase your overall storage capacity in the ship.

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