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Lethal Company: How to Scan Monsters



Lethal Company: Scan Monsters

Visiting various moons to explore and starting raids in the facilities will often let you to a new kind of threat or monster in your way which would confuse and terrify you at the start due to unawareness of the monster and how they behave. Several kinds of monsters wander deep into the facilities as well as on the moon who will stop you from getting back to your ship with precious Scraps. However, you have the advantage of learning these monsters by scanning them.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to scan monsters in Lethal Company.

How to Scan Monsters in Lethal Company

Scanning is one of the most essential actions in Lethal Company and it is recommended to use it in every room and in front of any new monster that players encounter in their endeavor. The Scan action can be performed by pressing the RMB (Right mouse button) and it does not require any kind of tool. It is one of the basic actions in the game and it is used to scan monsters in the scanning vicinity as well as any scrap or goods.

Doing the scan action in front of the monster will send the data of the monster to the terminal which will be saved inside the Bestiary log. Players can access the Bestiary log file by typing the ‘Bestiary’ command in the terminal to view any file of the scanned monsters to get full lore and information on the scanned monster.

The file of the monster holds valuable information on encountering the monster which can give you the idea of how to deal or survive with such monsters. So, if you have fallen against a certain type of monster and you have scanned it, then try to first read its niche and behavior to counter it accordingly.

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