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Lethal Company: How to Get All Suits



Lethal Company - All Suits

Lethal Company offers 4 different suits in the game that players can equip and change to show off their new appearances to their friends as there is no proper character customization in the game. Having more suits in the game is always more appealing, especially with friends as it makes the identification of players easier from a distance.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get all suits in Lethal Company.

How to Get All Suits in Lethal Company

The suits included in Lethal Company are Orange Suit (Starting Suit), Green Suit, Hazard Suit, and Pajama Suit. All of these suits can be obtained by purchasing them from the store but before you do so, you must know that none of these suits provide any sort of effects or protection against anything. These suits are completely for appearances even the Hazard Suit whose name predicts that it might provide protection against hazardous effects but it’s not. The prices for each suit are listed below.

  • Orange Suit – 0 Credits (Default Suit)
  • Green Suit – 60 Credits
  • Hazard Suit – 90 Credits
  • Pajama Suit – 900 Credits

To get the suits in Lethal Company, you need to buy them from the store using the Terminal on your ship, similar to the process of buying tools in the game. However, these suits are part of the ship décor items that rotate per quota, meaning they are not always available and you might have to wait for a certain suit to be available to purchase it.

You can follow the following steps to get all the suits in Lethal Company.

  • Interact with the Terminal on your ship by pressing the E button.
  • Type in the ‘Store’ command to view the suits available in the décor items section.
  • Type in the ‘[Suit Name] Buy’ command to buy a certain suit.
  • Type in the ‘Confirm’ to confirm the purchase.

While buying the suits, if a suit is not available in the stock, you will have to wait for the next quota to start to see if it is available or not. After purchasing the suit, it will be added to your ship instantly with a hangar on which all the suits will be added as you or your friends buy. You can interact with the hangar by pressing the E button to change the suit of your character.

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