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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Use the Spider Gadget



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Spider Gadget

Like A Dragon Gaiden introduces whole new combat mechanics for players to experience the life of an Agent. This new agent role uses a whole new different stance that can use up to 4 different gadgets and one of the most effective is Spider Gadget. It allows players to swing enemies to the side as well as throw them into each other.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use the Spider Gadget in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Use the Spider Gadget in Like A Dragon Gaiden

The Spider Gadget is the starting gadget of Agent Joryu aka Kazuma Kiryu that can be utilized both in combat and in free roam to dismantle the enemies and gather items that are out of bounds or at heights. However, the method to use the Spider gadget in both of the situations is different.

To use the Spider gadget in combat, you need to hold down the B/Circle button to tie up the enemies, dismantle them of any disposal weapon, and throw them in the directed direction.  It allows you to tackle multiple enemies with ease as you can grab any weapon that they drop to use it to your advantage to clear out the rest of the enemies.

The usage of Spider Gadget outside of combat is different as it is used to grab the items far from reach shining with a blue blaze light. As you walk around in the Sontenbori and Castle areas, your eyes will come across items at a distance. You can grab the distant item by pressing the X/Square button as the Grab option prompt on the screen.

You need to look at the item to cause the prompt as the Spider Gadget can only be utilized in free roam whenever the Grab prompt appears. Make sure to look around as there are a lot of useful items that can be found while exploring the city and the castle.

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