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Lost Ark: Auction House



Lost Ark: Auction House

It’s more like the standard one with gear, weapons, armour, accessories and gem. It’s more like items that make you stronger. You can trade items in auction by item level and gear score different items are restricted to their gear score means you need to approach the item score. You can’t simply buy the item.

Using Auction House

There are many ways to access the lost ark auction house

  1. First, you need to find a Market Broker in one of the main capitals on the map at different locations [Market Broker]
Using Auction House

You have to talk to the person then you will have a market and auction house.

  1. By Crystalline Aura in the menu bar which is like subscription.
  2. By accessing your pet info and then market.
  3. Also community Market (Alt+Y).


Where you buy and sell skins, mounts, pets, adventure storm ad combat supplies

Auction House Benefits

There are many options available for trading and searching like advance search. So, you can choose the items by their category, class, item rank and quality and also by advance skills option.

You can even dismantle the gear you have dropped from the dungeon and sell it here because maybe these have good stats which is worth money.

Auction House Benefits

Search Bug in Auction House

There is a little problem with the auction house search bar if you search for something in English it won’t find anything because the game database is in Russian. It’s a little trick you can copy from google for the items you are looking for or the different websites. For Example, if I search the item grudge it won’t find the item you have to search the item in Russian and it will list all the items. All the items are listed by their tier.

Auction House Functionalities


There is a biding function tab in the Auction House next to the Auction. This function can be used to bid/buy items ranging from Equipment gear, Ability stones, Accessories and gems. For buying, you need to buy through an in-game currency called Pheons. You can buy Pheons from the Misc tab and use them at the Auction House and continue with your trading.


The filter function is a highly useful function in the Auction House. You can use the filter function to filter the items in trading. For Example, you can set your Min/Max for the items and prices. You can also select the power variants for the items you would like to be traded. If you require Legendary, you can filter Legendary from the drop-down menu and you’re good to go.


The favourite function is really helping. You have found an item you would like to trade in future and you don’t want to lose it you can Favourite them. They will stay in the favourite tab and you can check back where you like to buy/trade.

Lost ark Favourite function in Auction house

You can select these items and check how many times or how many people have bid on your favourite items.

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