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Lost Ark: Pest Control Quest



Lost Ark: Pest Control Quest

In Lost Ark, when you complete the main storyline of the game, the game doesn’t end there but the game actually starts from there and you get to access the endgame content which is enormous. One of the contents is Una’s quests which are daily and weekly, you can complete them and get rewards and increase your level to get access to newer areas. In this guide, we tell you about one of our daily quests of Una “Pest Control”.

Pest Control Quest

Open the menu by clicking on the adventure icon at the bottom of the screen, go to Una’s Tasks and go to the Daily tab and you’ll see the Pest Control quest. Accept the quest to track it and complete it.

The location for this quest is at Blackfang’s Den which is located in the Tempest Seas. You can track the quest also by the compass icon and see the exact location of the quest.

Go to the Blackfang’s Den and wait for the quest to start. This quest starts every 15 minutes so if the quest marker is not showing for you then it’s because the quest hasn’t begun and you have to wait for it to start.

This quest has two tasks, one is to defeat the Red Shark Pirates which you have to eliminate 5 of them, and the other one is to defeat Captain Lorka or Lieutenant Lorka.

When the quest starts, “Watch Out! Pirates!” will start as it is a part of this quest, and then “Everyone, Charrrge!” will start as the second part of this quest. Beat the Captain and the 5 Red Shark Pirates and you’ll complete both of the quests.

After completing these quests, go inside the shed of Blackfang’s Den and talk to Ruri to complete the Pest Control quest and you’ll get the rewards.

That is all you have to do in this quest and these daily quests can be done on daily basis and get the rewards.

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