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New World Level Guide: This is the quickest way to get to level 20



New World: How to quickly reach the maximum level in woodcutting

How to level the fastest and most effectively in the new MMORPG New World has been discussed many times. The reddit user extce has taken up this question and reveals the fastest way to get to level 20.

We’ll show you: What’s the fastest way to level in the new New World? A lot of new players are asking themselves this question. Based on the experience of the previous tests, this level guide is relevant for the release version. reddit-user extce has taken on the question and published a guide that shows you exactly what you have to do to reach level 20 as quickly as possible.

Who is it for? Such a guide is aimed primarily at players who want to get into the endgame quickly and those for whom the early game in MMORPGs is quite boring.

People who want to play competitively and want to win the race for first place as a max-level character can of course work out the plan further, if possible.

As fast as possible at level 20 – Here’s how

How does the guide work? The template from extce (via reddit ) always gives you a level range in which you should do certain things so that you can get through these levels as quickly as possible.

Level 1 to 5:

  • Skip the tutorial using the menu. If you want to have a level for your sword, run up to the enemy with the shield and kill him before you jump over
  • Collect 5 bushes and 5 flints as quickly as possible and craft each flint tool from them once at a campfire
  • Otherwise it follows the main story

Level 5 to 10:

  • Collect plants when you see them so you can use them to make healing potions
  • Equip a second weapon once you reach level 5. By canceling animations when switching weapons, you can move faster
  • Be sure to take diary pages with you if you stumble upon them. They give quite a bit of experience
  • Make sure you have the following resources before you come to town, otherwise you can mine them during the truffle quest:
    • 40 stones
    • 24 raw leather
    • 1 flint
    • 45 wood
    • 90 iron ore (optional, used for iron tools)
  • Then continue the main story
  • Feel free to take on the tasks on the notice board, but only do them if they are on your way
  • Milks the cow to make light rations and maintain the food buff
  • Find a group at the Wolf Cave so that the kills are shared and you can complete the quest faster
  • Accept all 3 faction quests and complete the one closest to your position. Only complete the other two if they are on the way of the main story
  • Level up harvesting work to level 30 while on the go
  • Mine iron when you see it, as you need to dig at level 10

Level 10 to 20:

  • Collect 6 flower cap fronds and 6 river cress as soon as you have harvest work at level 30. You make 3 spoilage tinctures of these and keep the remaining 3 raw materials for later, if you can also save running time
  • If you did not start in Immerfall, now run to Immerfall to unlock it as a fast travel point, also unlocks all fast travel points on the way
  • Always accept all side and faction quests when you come to a new city. But only do this if the main quest sends you past them anyway, that saves travel time again
  • Always spend your area points for more experience, at least in Immerfall and Windkreis
  • Prioritize faction quests, as they give you the best equipment, but don’t make too big detours
  • Completing most of the side quests and the main quest up to the Amrhein excavation should get you roughly level 20. The expedition is already feasible at level 20, but very difficult. You need a good group and a composition of healer, tank and 3 DPS players
  • Collect quests that take place in the Amrhein excavation and hand them in, they bring you a lot of experience

After level 20: Levels 20 to 24 go relatively slowly in the starting areas. A general tip we can give you is to accept all quests and keep the distances short by completing them with the city missions on the bulletin board.

Do not continue with the main story up to level 24, because from level 24 you can accept new side quests in the main story area and then you only have to run once.


New World does not start – How to solve the “Untrusted System File” error



New World does not start - How to solve the "Untrusted System File" error

Since the new patch 1.0.1, some players have reported that they can no longer start New World. You get the error message “Untrusted System File”. We at MeinMMO reveal what you have to do to get the MMO up and running again.

This is how you solve the error: The error “Untrusted System File” refers to the file steamclient64.dll and is related to Easy Anti Cheat.

There seem to be two methods to fix the error:

  • In variant 1, you have the file sent to you by a friend with whom the game works and then simply replace it in the folder in which you installed Steam. Incidentally, we advise against downloading the files that are offered in reddit.
  • In variant 2 you repair the “anti cheat setup”. To do this, call up the following file path on you: Steam -> Steam Apps -> Common -> Then the desired game, here New World -> EasyAntiCheat -> Double-click on the setup and then in the window on repair New World ( via reddit ).

Both ways were described as helpful by more than 20 users and should have led to the solution. We at Nintendosmash have only tested variant 2 and can confirm that it works.

Reinstalling New World or repairing the data will not work and will only cost you unnecessary time.

The developers of New World have also confirmed the error in the official forum.

Where did the error come from? That has not yet been clarified. However, it has only appeared with many players since the release of the new 1.0.1 patch. It primarily brought about adjustments to the queue and bug fixes.

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New World: This is how you get Adderstone- As pieces, splinters, and chunks



How does loot actually work in New World? A developer explains it very precisely

Adderstone is a coveted raw material in New World, which can be found in different kinds – like pieces, chunks, or splinters. We at Nintendosmash will tell you where you can get Adderstone from and what you can do with the material.

Where do you get Adderstone from?

  • Adderstone bits can be found as a random drop when mining stones
  • Adderstone shards can also be found as a random drop when mining stones
  • You can get Adderstone chunks as a random drop when mining magnetic stone

You may also get the bits and pieces when mining magnetic stones. However, that has not yet been the case with us. Alternatively, you can also buy the Adderstone ​​at the trading post. But that can be very expensive.

Because the principle applies to all three raw materials that they are very rare and also very popular. Adderstone pieces are currently traded on Ravenal for up to 1,800 thalers. Adderstone broken is not even on offer at the moment.

You can find stones for the pieces and splinters in the open-world like the sand by the sea, magnetic stones are most often found in light wood and in the large crevice:

When can Adderstone be found? Obviously, you should get to the bits and pieces at mining level 1. For the chunks, you need level 105 for magnetite. From level 155, magnetite is displayed on the compass.

What do you need Adderstone for? Adderstone is one of the raw materials that you can use for bonus effects when crafting:

  • Adderstone pieces, for example, offer the chance that your bags can carry 50% more weight.
  • Nattersteinbrcken in turn increases the chance of rare items when opening chests and looting monsters and can be used for armor.
  • Adderstone fragments increase the chance of finding rare materials in mining and also fit on armaments.
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Metroid Dread: How to Unlock Chozo Files and Gallery Rewards



Metroid Dread: How to Unlock Chozo Files and Gallery Rewards

We give you the guidelines that you must follow to obtain all the rewards from the gallery in Metroid Dread and also the procedure to perform to unlock all the hut files.

One of the big releases for Nintendo Switch for 2021 is Metroid Dread, a game with old-fashioned gameplay that is going to delight those who love the license and those who like the types of galactic adventures.

As usual in the series, we have a series of collectibles and rewards that we can obtain in our games, but if you want to unlock all of them you must comb each of the areas absolutely 100% and even overcome the game in a time limit.

So that you have it very clear, we tell you exactly what you must do to unlock the hut files and also all the rewards of the gallery in Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread: How to Unlock Chozo Files and Gallery Rewards

On the one hand, we have the hut files that you will surely want to get, and the only way to unlock them is by obtaining 100% of the objects in each of the ZDR areas.

We have a total of nine files, eight files come when we obtain all the objects in each of the eight areas of the game while we will get the ninth additional file when we have obtained all the objects in all the areas of the game.

When it comes to gallery rewards, it’s basically about completing the game on a specific difficulty and under a certain time limit. In general, we have six rewards, although we can get an additional reward by obtaining all of them.

Playing in normal difficulty we can obtain three rewards and play in difficult difficulty we can obtain another three rewards, making the six total and enabling the additional seventh if we obtain all.

Luckily, we have already played the game in different difficulties and under different times, and we expose it to you below:

  • To get reward 1 you have to complete the game on normal difficulty mode under any weather
  • To get rewarded 2 you have to complete the game on normal difficulty but below eight hours
  • To get reward 3 you must complete the game on normal difficulty but under four hours
  • To get the fourth reward you must complete the game in hard mode under any weather
  • To get reward 5 you must complete the game in difficult mode but under eight hours
  • To obtain reward number 6 you must complete the game on difficult difficulty but under four hours
  • To get reward number 7 you must get the six previous rewards

So with this, you already know how to get all the rewards of the gallery in Metroid Dread and also how to unlock all the hut files.

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