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Pikmin 4 – Character Creation Guide



Pikmin 4: Character Creation

Pikmin 4 is a Real-Time Strategy and Puzzle video game developed and published by Nintendo. It is the fourth installment in the Pikmin Series by Nintendo. The game is set to be launched on July 21, 2023, but the demo of Pikmin 4 is available for free for everyone to test out the game. There are numerous changes in Pikmin 4 and for the players who have played the rest of the series, the first difference/addition that they will get to see is the design of their character. Pikmin 4 has a Character Creation system in it where players will get to create their character and name it before experiencing the adventure.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you about the Character Creation in the new Pikmin 4.

Character Creation in Pikmin 4

Before players set their foot on the adventure ahead, they would be asked to create their Badge ID which is mainly their character. After playing through the tutorial and relearning the controls of the game, players will get to create their character by selecting through the following customization options.

1. Skin Tone

The very first customization option in character Creation will be Skin Tone. There are 8 different Skin Colors through which players will be able to select any 1 for their character. Press the A Button to Select the Skin Tone and press the A Button again to go to the next customization option.

2. Body Type

In the next customization option, players will get to select the Body Type of their character. There are four different Body Types available for selection and players can choose any 1 from them. After selecting the Body Type, press the A Button to go move on to the next customization option.

3. Face

In the Face Tab, there are 10 different facial expressions along with different Eye styles, Nose, and Moustaches. Players can select any 1 of the Faces that they want for their character. After selecting the face, press the A Button to switch to the next tab.

4. Hair Style

The next tab will include 6 different Hair Styles from which players can choose any 1 they like for their character.

5. Hair Color

In the next tab, players will get to select the hair color of their character. There are 6 different Hair Colors available from which players can choose any 1.

6. Outfit Color

The second last option will let players select the Outfit Color of their character. The Color that players select for their character will also be applied to the allies that are identified as Corps in the game.

7. Name

Finally, the last option will allow players to select a Name for their character or enter the Name for their character. After that, players need to select the OK option to finalize the character creation to get started in the game.

Players can also choose to go back by pressing the B Button to make any alteration in the Character Creation process before finalizing it. As players progress ahead in the game, they will also be able to change the look and name of their character later in the game.

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