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Pikmin 4 – Where to Find Captain Shepherd



Pikmin 4: Find Captain Shepherd

Looking to find Captain Shepherd, one of the Officers from Rescue Corps who has gone missing on the planet at the start of the game. As the adventure begins, players will be tasked to find the missing officers on the planet and the leader of the Missing Officers is Captain Shepherd.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you where you can find the Captain Shepherd in Pikmin 4.

Where to Find Captain Shepherd in Pikmin 4

Before players get to find Captain Shepherd, they will have to find the Rescue Pup and an officer named Collin. Luckily, both of them can be found on a straight path from the start of an adventure. Once players have found the Pup and Collin, they need to head in the direction of S.S. Shepherd (Spaceship). Unfortunately, the path to S.S. Shepherd will be blocked off by a ledge and players will have to find an alternate route to get to S.S. Shepherd.

Just before the Ledge, there will be a route on the right side where players can find a Giant Hole covered with dirt. To remove the dirt, players will have to order Pup to remove the dirt from the entrance of the Hole. Use the Whistle by pressing B to call Pup and then press the A Button while looking at the dirt to order Pup to remove the dirt. Once the dirt is removed, players will enter the Hole named “Burrow of Beginnings Sublevel 1”. It is also where players will find Captain Shepherd.

Go along the path to reach an area where Captain Shepherd is trapped and to free her, players will have to take out the 3 creatures guarding Captain Shepherd. Press the A Button while locking on one of the creatures to order Pup to attack them. Once all the creatures are dealt with, Captain Shepherd will be free and found. After that, players can get out of the Giant Hole by breaking through the Pots and going to the other exit of the Hole which will take players to S.S. Shepherd.

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