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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Out of Dungeons




Once players have made it inside the Castle after opening the Castle Gate, they will have to survive the enemy ambush inside the Audience Chamber of the Castle. After eliminating the enemies, players will have to find another way around to get through the Audience Chamber. The other way around is only through the dark dungeon which might frighten you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get out of Dungeons in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting Out of Dungeons

Once you have reached the Dungeons area on the left side of the Audience Chamber area, you will have to find the “Dungeon Key” in order to get out of the Dungeons. While you are in the middle of the Dungeon, you will see a blocked door with a body on the right side. Go to the left side and you will find some Handgun ammo. Keep following the path on the left side and you will start to get close to the growling sound.

At the end of the path, you will see a body in front. Approach the body and you will find the Dungeon Key from his body. Now, as you will start to go back, the floor will break and you will fall down. Now, there will be a Garrador strapped in his chamber. The Garrador cannot see but he can hear so, if you shoot or move the chains hanging from the ceiling, he will hear it and will come for you.

Dungeon Key

You need to make your way ahead on the path and as you reached the closed gate, immediately press the crouch button to go silent. Now, there are two ways to get rid of the Garrador. You can either kill it or you can avoid it by making a sound at a far distance and then running back to the gate to open it. The gate can only be unlocked by rotating a handle which makes a lot of noise so, if you want to avoid it then you can go back to his chamber and start making noises there and then come back to the gate to start opening it. You will have enough time to open the gate and get away from the Garrador.

If you want to kill it then you need to shoot at its back. It’s a tough enemy so, it will not go down easily. Every time you shoot at its back, you will have to change your position immediately. The Submachine Gun and the Shotgun are best for taking down this enemy. When you shoot at its back, a parasite will come out of its back. You need to shoot the parasite to kill him quickly. Once you have killed him, you will get the Red Beryl for your troubles.


Now, open the gate and go ahead on the path to reach the ladder. Go up the ladder and you will reach the door with a body on it. Unlock the door and go to the main gate to use the Dungeon Key to get out of the Dungeons.

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