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Scorn: Act 1 – Walkthrough



Scorn: Act 1 – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the first Act of Scorn.

Act 1

When the game begins, your character will wake up in front of a door that cannot be unlocked. You’ll have to go to the left side and go along the tunnel to reach a hall with a pillar in the middle. Go to the right side and interact with the half-open door to squeeze through it. Once you are in the room, look to the left and interact with the pipe to put your arm inside the pipe and it’ll attach a key to your hand that can be used to open the doors. Now, go to the right side and interact with a console to open the door. You need to look at the left lock on the door and interact with it and then look on the right side and interact to unlock the door.

Let the door open completely and then go quickly through the door because the door will start to close slowly as you let go of the console. You’ll now be in the large hall with a big pillar in the middle that has a spiral platform around it. There are multiple doors in the main hall but you need to go in the door on your right and you’d find a console but don’t interact with it yet. Go to the back of the room and you’ll find an elevator. Interact with it go up and you’ll get to solve the first puzzle of the game which is the Egg Puzzle. There are two consoles, one on the right side to reveal the hoist that will pick up the egg from a specific location, and one on the left side to move the eggs. You need to move a specific egg to the left side so the hoist can catch it and take it down to the main hall.

Now, go back to the lift and make your way down the main hall. As you start walking around in the main hall, you’ll hear a creature whimpering. Go near the creature and you’ll see that it is the egg that you’ve descended. Interact with the Console to bring down the creature on a seat. Grab the handle of the seat and push the seat to the next console. Interact with the Console to break a little bit of the shell. Now, you need to rotate the railing on the ground to take the creature to a specific room. In order to rotate the railing, you need to go up on the big pillar and interact with the console. The camera will move up and you can rotate the railing by interacting with them. You need to rotate the 2 railings on the right side for 1 time only.

Now, go back to the creature and start pushing his seat to the room on the left side. Once you are in the room, interact with the console to put him on the seat and the cutter will remove his shell. Interact with the creature to remove the rest of the shell and then wait for the creature to stand up and go to the left side of the room and he’ll follow you. He’ll start to fall down so pick him up and place his hand in the pipe to get him a key as well. Now keep following down the tunnel and you’ll reach the big gate.

The creature will move slowly and when he reaches the big gate, he’ll fall again so pick him up and place his hand in the left console and place your hand in the right console to open the big gate. Go inside the door, and you’ll see another console. Use the console to move up the elevator. Go straight from the elevator and go around on the platform and you’ll reach a mechanism from which you’ll get your first gun. Now go back on the platform and go inside the room and use the gun on the console. Some strange white flying creatures will appear and a strange small pillar will appear that will be taken by the claw. Now go ahead and clear the area with the white flying creatures by shooting at them with your gun. Go straight until you reach the opposite side. The same console will be on the opposite side and more flying creatures will appear and the same pillar. Then it’ll be taken away by the claw.

Now, go to the middle of the area and you’ll find another console. This console will be used to open the shutters around the area by putting the pillars inside the tree and when you put the last pillar the tree will explode which will result in the ending of Act 1.

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