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Scorn: Where to find all 4 White Seeds for Ring Key



Scorn: Where to find all 4 White Seeds for Ring Key

In the second act of Scorn, the main task for the players is to find all Four White Seeds of the Ring Key which can later is to be used to solve the Giant Flower Puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all 4 White Seeds for Ring Keys in Scorn.

Getting White Seeds

The White Seeds can only be obtained from a specific console and the consoles are spread out in the facility. There are four consoles and all of them are similar but they’ll only provide one White Seed so you’ll have to get all four of them. The Console can only interact with a Ring Key that you can find after getting into the facility. The technique of getting the White Seed from a console is to attach the mechanism to the locks in the Console and when you got all three locks attached, rotate the mechanism to the middle and press the button again to push the White Seed on the Ring Key.

1st Location of White Seed

The first location of the White Seed is right next to the location of the Ring Key. When you obtain the Ring Key, look to the right and interact with the console to get the White Seed.

2nd Location of White Seed

After getting the first White Seed, go to the red room with Giant Flower and insert the Ring Key in the small console on the right to unlock a door on the left side. Go to the path that just opened and you’ll come upon an Elevator. Go up from the Elevator and go to the right side to find a tunnel. There’ll be a console inside the tunnel that’ll be used to attach one of the three tunnels in front of you. Attach the most left one and then go through the tunnel. Turn right and you’ll come up to the same console of the White Seed. Interact with it to get the Second White Seed.

3rd Location of White Seed

After getting the second White Seed, go back to the tunnel and this time connect the tunnel with the most left tunnel and go through the tunnel. As the tunnel ends, you’ll see that three huge fans are spinning in front and you’d have to stop the fans to get to the other side. There’ll be a mechanism at the back side of the fans that you have to disconnect to stop the fans. There’ll be a tunnel going on the left side when you cross the fans, go through it and you’ll reach a staircase. Go up the stairs and use the console to get the third White Seed.

4th Location of White Seed

For the 4th White Seed, you need to get the Arm Key. After getting the arm key, you need to go to the location of the 2nd White Seed and there’ll be an Arm Key Console directly opposite the White Seed console. Use the console and rotate the mechanism in the middle two times in the right direction. The mechanism will clean the tunnel and then use the tunnel’s console to attach to the cleaned tunnel. When you go through this tunnel, you’ll see the White Seed Console in front. Interact with the console to get the last White Seed.

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