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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story – How to Solve Anivia Statue Light Puzzle



Song of Nunu - Anivia Statue Light Puzzle

The world of Freljord is filled with various puzzles and mysteries that players will get to unravel as they progress in the main story of Nunu and Willump. One of the main puzzles that players will get to solve is finding a way out of a cavern area filled with True Ice and Anivia Statue.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to solve the Anivia Statue Light Puzzle in Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

How to Solve Anivia Statue Light Puzzle

The Anivia Statue is located inside the cavern area filled with True Ice. Once you have reached inside the True Ice cave, go around the statue to view the green root. Go ahead and stand on the marked pillar to order Willump to throw you up on the ledge. Jump up to the higher stone and shoot the ice ball on the root to break it and let the light shine on the Aniva Statue. As the light shines and reflects around the area, several pillars will come down with unique symbols on each one. You need to shine a light on each puzzle to open the way out. Follow the following steps to shine the light on all of the pillars.

  • After breaking the root to bring light into the cave, turn around and go ahead to reach the higher ground to find three drums and 8 different song notes.
  • Shoot snowball on the drums on the left side and right side of the song notes to rotate the pillars.
  • The drum with the ‘Down Arrow’ symbol will raise a platform on which Willump can stand to break the roots to activate the pillars, highlighting all the song notes.
  • Once all the song notes are activated, play the notes starting from the left side to the right side to open the hidden door behind the Anivia Statue.

Go out of the cavern area to progress ahead in the chapter, The Shore.

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