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Sunkenland: How to Get Scrap Metal



Sunkenland: Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal is one of the crucial resources in Sunkenland that is used in crafting useful workstations. From the moment players reach Castaway Island, they will be required to gather resources like Wood Plank and Cloth to make their first base. After that, to make stations like Simple Grill or Research Table, players will have to get Scrap Metal.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Scrap Metal in Sunkenland.

How to Get Scrap Metal in Sunkenland

To get Scrap Metal in Sunkenland, players will have to dive deep into the ocean to find metal junk, appliances, and cars. All the metal junk in the ocean will provide Scrap Metal. There are several buildings/houses near the coast of Castaway Island in which players can find metal junk and appliances. Go near them to scavenge them by pressing and holding the F button to get Scrap Metal.

There will be several cars sunken into the ocean that players can scavenge as well to get Scrap Metal. Locate the roads to find cars or swim across the coastline of the islands to find cars. Go near the cars and scavenge them to get scrap metal. Another way to get scrap is to find and loot the bins near the buildings. Bins hold useful items like Clothes, Components, Scrap Metal, and much more.

It is crucial to gather Scrap Metal frequently as it can also be used in Researching new crafting recipes as well as building stronger structures for the base.

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