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Super Mario RPG Returns to Nintendo Switch with a Significant File Size



Super Mario RPG Returns to Nintendo Switch with a Significant File Size

The long-awaited return of Super Mario RPG is finally here, with a revamped version for the Nintendo Switch. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this release, and now we have more news to share. Details about the game’s download size have been revealed, providing potential players with crucial information about the space they’ll need to accommodate this game.

The Size of Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch

The game’s size was disclosed via the eShop, where it was stated that the game will take up exactly 8 GB. This is a significant size that players will need to consider, especially those who plan to download the game digitally. It’s a clear indication of the scale of the adventure that awaits in this updated version of Super Mario RPG.

Physical vs Digital

For those who decide to purchase and download the game digitally from the eShop, they will need to ensure they have enough free space on their console’s memory. However, the game will also be sold in a physical format. This physical edition will not require any additional downloads, providing an alternative for those who may be concerned about the digital file size.

The Return of a Classic

What are your thoughts on Super Mario RPG? Remember, the game is set to launch on November 17, 2023, on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, this is a release that promises to deliver a rich and engaging RPG experience, all wrapped up in the familiar and beloved world of Super Mario.

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