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The Quarry: Chapter 10 (Bricks And Mortar) – All Choices & Paths



The Quarry: Chapter 10 (Bricks And Mortar) – All Choices & Paths

Laura and Ryan have learned the truth about the real werewolf and in this chapter, they will go to kill Silas with Travis. All the people have returned to normal who got bit by Chris Hackett and Max is also in a normal state waking up on top of the tree at the beginning of this chapter. In this guide, we’ll tell you all the choices & paths in the last chapter of the game, chapter 10.

All Choices & Paths in Chapter 10

This chapter starts off with Max and you’ll be near the campfire area. Go towards the docks to trigger a cutscene, you’ll get two options.

  • Stay
  • Swim to Shore

If you choose Swim to Shore option, then Max will die in the water. It’s better to stay on the docks. So, choose the Stay option to save Max from dying.

Then the cutscene will cut to Kaitlyn and Dylan back at the lodge. We’ll get to control Kaitlyn and there will be 7 collectibles in the lodge. After getting all the collectibles, you can return to portrait and choose Prepare For Attack option. After the cutscenes, a werewolf will come through the painting and we’ll get two options.

  • Run
  • Wait

Select the Run option and we’ll get two more options.

  • Beam
  • Window

Choose the Beam option to pass through the other side and we’ll need to mash the action button while crossing it. If you don’t mash the button correctly the werewolf will catch you. After crossing it successfully, we’ll get two options.

  • Run
  • Hide

Choose the Run option and go downstairs with Dylan. Abi and Emma will make noises from the room and throw you the silver shot for the gun. This cutscene will only play if you have picked up the silver shot in chapter 9 from the bunker. Kaitlyn will get two options.

  • Investigate
  • Run
the quarry

Choose the Investigation option to collect the silver shot and you’ll see the werewolf outside the room where Dylan went. We’ll get an interruption in which we get the option to shoot the gun. Press the action button to shoot it.

Then the cutscene will cut to Laura, Ryan, and Travis driving in the car. Laura will get two options.

1- Inquisitive

What exactly happened 6 years ago?

2- Accusatory

How did you do it?

While talking about the story of Silas, a werewolf gets on top of the car and we’ll get a QTE. Press the Right Cursor key to stop being hit in the window. Then we’ll get two options.

  • Grab Gun
  • Take Wheel

There is no point in taking the wheel because Travis is driving the car. Choose the Grab Gun option but Laura would be unable to grab the gun. Then we’ll get two more options.

  • Take Cover
  • Grab Gun

As the gun is stuck and Laura can’t reach it, choose the Take Cover option and we’ll get a QTE to hit the brakes. Press the Down Cursor button to hit the brakes of the car and the werewolf will fall in front of the car but it would disappear. Travis would go to see the trail of the werewolf and Layla will get two options.

1- Determined

Let’s fucking do this.

2- Bitter

This isn’t the end

After that, Ryan will offer Laura Vial (wolf blood). Laura will get two options.

  • Take Vial
  • Give to Ryan

Travis, Ryan, and Laura will go deep into the woods and Laura will tell Travis that this is the place where she has seen the lady. Travis will reply and Laura gets two options.

1- Annoyed

You think?

2- Probing

Who was she?

Conversation continues.

1- Reflective

That’s why you’ve been hunting him

2- Mean

We could just kill Caleb

quarry game

We’ll get an interruption in which we need to lift up the gun. Press the action button to lift the gun up. But it is better not to lift up the gun because if Travis dies, we’ll get the Family Matters trophy for killing all the Hackett family. After that, we’ll get a QTE which you also want to fail because if you pass the QTE then Silas would kill Laura and Travis will survive. So, we fail the QTE as well, this will result in Travis dying. We’ll get an interruption in which we’ll get to shoot at Silas. Press the action button to shoot at Silas. If you don’t shoot him, Silas will kill Laura.

After shooting Silas, the game will end and it’ll show all the characters who have died and survived.

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