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The Quarry: Chapter 2 (Truth or Dare) – All Choices & Paths



The Quarry: Chapter 2 (Truth or Dare) – All Choices & Paths

As the 1st Chapter ends with planning a last Bornfire at the camp. Nick and Abi will find woods for the fire, Emma and Jacob will look for beers, and Dylan will find out a way how to charge phones. In the 2nd Chapter, we’ll play through the different characters and collect items for the last party.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the Choices & Paths in the 2nd chapter.

All Choices & Paths

The 2nd Chapter starts off with Jacob and Emma at the General Store of Hackett’s Quarry looking for beers. Emma is recording for her subscribers and Jacob is trying to lock pick the general store’s door so they can find some beers for the party. The Jacob is taking longer and we get hit up with the Interruption, Emma gets to kick the door to open it.

1- Kick the Door

If we press the interaction button, Emma will kick the door and the door will open.

2- Not Kick the Door

If we wait for the interruption to be over, Jacob will open the door.

Not kicking the door will allow two more options on the screen for Emma in which she can be Playful or Sarcastic.

1- Playful

Emma will appreciate Jacob for being good with his hands.

2- Sarcastic

Emma will be sarcastic and say to Jacob, it took you long enough.

After getting inside the Store, Jacob will look for beers, we’ll get to play with Emma and she’d find a safe and we need to find a code for it in order to open it. As we search through the store, we’ll find a locked door. There’ll be two options here for Emma.

1- Kick Door

Emma will kick the door and hurt her foot but the door will not open. Jacob will come and open the door with the lock pick.

2- Call Jacob

Emma would call Jacob to open the door to look inside for stuff. Jacob will open the door.

Inside the door, Jacob will find a crate full of beers and we’ll also find a clue and a shotgun with a safe code. Emma would take the shotgun in case something goes wrong. Emma would go back to the safe and check whether the code that she found is for this safe or not. By opening the safe, we’ll find shotgun shells for the gun and a box of Fireworks. We’ll get two options here and whatever option we choose will choose a path.


1- Take Fireworks

Emma will take fireworks. Later in the Chapter, Emma and Jacob will set the fireworks off at the party. If you took this option, it’ll also have an impact in Chapter 6, Emma will find a single firework by the fire and use it to defend herself from a monster.

2- Leave Fireworks

Emma will leave the fireworks in the safe.

After choosing a path, Emma would try to tell Jacob that the bags she found in the storage room had blood on them but Jacob would find a Peanut Butter Butterpops snack and there’ll be two more options for Emma on the screen.

1- Affectionate

Emma would ask what are Butterpops and Jacob will try to tell her that it’s the best snack ever.

2- Judgemental

Emma would say it is for kids and Jacob would try to convince her that she should try this snack but Emma won’t take it.

After the dialogues, they both leave the store and go to the party place. The cutscene changes to Dylan and Ryan entering Chris’s office and charging their phones. Dylan tries to make a casual small talk with Ryan about the Podcasts. Then we’ll get two options on the screen.

1- Dismissive

Dylan will make fun of the Podcasts.

2- Friendly

Dylan will ask Ryan about the podcasts he’s listening to.

Dylan will decide to look around in Chris’s office and Ryan would disagree with him but he would still be around to see what he finds. Dylan will interact with Chris’s telephone and ask Ryan for his number so he can call it. Dylan will get two options.

1- Flirt

Dylan will say that he wants to ask Ryan out on a date.

2- Sarcastic

Dylan will make a sarcastic joke.

Dylan will go around the desk and step on a trapdoor. Ryan would be suspicious and think why it is here. We’ll get two options here.

1- Playful

Dylan will say that it leads to a secret Sex Dungeon.

2- Serious

Dylan will say that it would probably lead to a basement.

Ryan will tell Dylan to open the trapdoor and check what’s down there. We’ll get to choose to go down or not. By making a choice we’ll choose a Path.


1- Shut Trapdoor

Dylan will shut the trapdoor and not go down.

2- Climb Down

Dylan will climb down and tell Ryan that there is nothing here and while climbing back up on the ladder, he’ll lose a rung of the ladder.

After getting back up, Ryan will sit down on Chris’s chair and spin on it. We’ll get two more options for Dylan.

1- Playful

Dylan will roleplay as Chris attending the phone.

2- Dismissive

Dylan will tell Ryan that Chris will never find out that we were here.

Dylan will notice Chris’s gun on the wall and Ryan will tell Dylan that Chris told him it was for the bears. Dylan will get two options here.

1- Serious

Dylan will tell Ryan that what if we are out partying and we get into trouble due to Hunting Season, we might need a gun for that. Ryan will refuse Dylan to take the gun.

2- Playful

Dylan will joke that bears could attack while we are partying so, we should take the gun.

After the dialogues, when Dylan heads to the door opposite the desk, he’ll ask Ryan for the keys to that door. There will be a QTE and you need to press the up cursor key button to successfully catch the keys. Dylan will open the door to Chris’s Private quarters. While checking the private quarters, Ryan and Dylan will stumble upon a secret surveillance room that has a lot of monitors linked to various trail cams around Hackett’s Quarry. By seeing this Ryan would make his assumptions that Chris is worried about the children at the camp or he is locating a big foot. Dylan will have two options.

1- Mischievous

Dylan will make fun of Ryan’s idea of Chris finding a big foot around the camp.

2- Interested

Dylan will say that Chris listens to Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast just like Ryan.

After the dialogues, Ryan will leave the room and before you leave the room too, take a second look at the monitors to see one of the hunters in the camera taking out one of the trail cameras. Go out of the room and pick up your phone from the table and head to the party.

The cutscene will switch to Nick and Abi going through the woods and looking for Firewood for the party. There’ll be a signboard with two directions and Nick have to choose one direction from these two. These two directions have different routes and you can find different collectibles in them. If you choose one path then to get the other collectible, you need to replay the chapter and choose the other option to get it. Nick will have to choose from the following routes.

truth and dare

1- Shady Glade

Go down a steep path and explore.

2- Rocky Road

Go around the Rocky Road.

If you have chosen the Shady Glade, find the Trail Camera clue and Ranger Box clue. Once you have found both of them then just return to the main path and there’ll be a short interaction where a bird scares Abi. Abi would tell Nick that she’s been on edge recently and Nick gets two options.

1- Curious

Nick would ask Abi why she feels anxious.

2- Reassuring

Nick tells Abi there’s nothing to be afraid of.

If you have chosen the Rock Road, find the collectible and keep following the path until both of them start a conversation on Fate. Nick would have two options.

1- Uncertain

Nick will say that Fate isn’t something we’re supposed to understand.

2- Pedantic

Nick says that Fate is complex and you can change your fate but somehow, it’s always predetermined.

Just continue on the path and there’ll be a scenic lookout point where Abi starts drawing the view. Nick would get two options.

1- Sincere

Nick will get impressed by Abi’s drawing and tells her that she has a gift for art.

2- Playful

Nick would tell Abi to draw him on the scenic lookout drawing.

After that, there’ll be a Boar coming out of the bushes to attack and there’ll be an interruption in which you have to save Abi. Just press the interaction button and complete the interruption. Then the Boar will come after Nick and we have to do the first Breathing QTE of the game, you just have to hold the action button and release it when the red flashing lines disappear from the border of the screen. Hold the interaction button and wait for the red flashing lines to disappear. You’ll get safe and the boar will go back. Nick will get two options.

truth or dare

1- Cheerful

Nick would react friendly to the boar attack and make Abi laugh.

2- Pedantic

Nick would say it was close and it was a type of a pig.

Then both of them will collect their stuff and go towards the party. Then we switch to Kaitlyn who is trying to get some signals on her phone. She’ll see a treehouse and open the camera to take a photo. Dylan And Ryan will come there and talk about Chris’s trapdoor and surveillance room. Then they’ll ask how she’s doing. Kaitlyn will have two options.

truth or dare

1- Honest

Kaitlyn will tell them that she saw a light in the treehouse.

2- Frustrated

Kaitlyn will tell them that she is not getting any signals on the phone.

Then Nick and Abi will come there and join in with them. They’ll tell Kaitlyn about the Boar incident. Kaitlyn will have two options.

1- Playful

Kaitlyn will make a joke on Hog of Hackett’s Quarry.

2- Serious

Kaitlyn will ask Nick and Abi that they are alright.

After some dialogues, Jacob and Emma will join them but if you have chosen the Take Fireworks path then they will set them off in the air while joining them. If you have chosen the Leave Fireworks path then Emma would only fire a Shotgun in the air while joining. Then Nick and Jacob are going to have a shooting contest over the Peanut Butter Butterpops. Kaitlyn will have two options.

1- Stern

Kaitlyn will them that the shooting contest is a bad idea.

2- Mocking

She’ll mock the idea of using the shotgun for a snack.

After that Jacob and Nick went into the woods for a shooting contest and after a while they start to talk about Abi. Nick will have two options.

1- Evasive

Nick will counter-question Jacob that did he won Emma back.

2- Hopeful

Nick will be honest to Jacob and tell him that he had a good time with Abi.

Then there’ll be a shooting contest in which you have to play with Nick. Once you hit the bottle or watermelon, Kaitlyn will congratulate you and Jacob will miss the shot on his turn, making you a winner of the contest. Nick will have two options.

1- Friendly

Nick tells Jacob that it was a good game.

2- Gloating

Nick sings the Peanut Butter Butterpops song and gloat about the win.

Then Kaitlyn will shoot rest of the bottles and the watermelons.

Then a cutscene starts in which all are gathered around a fire with all the supplies. Then Dylan throws the idea of playing Truth & Dare. You’ll be playing as Ryan. Dylan will ask Abi and she’ll choose the truth and then Dylan asks her if she’s a Virgin. Then an interruption will come in which Ryan can jump into the question and help Abi.

Then Emma will choose Ryan and you’ll have to pick from Truth or Dare. If you pick Dare then she’d tell you to kiss Kaitlyn or Dylan. Then you have to kiss one of them and complete the dare. If you choose Truth then you’ll be asked why you went to Chris’s office earlier. You’ll have two options.


1- Mischievous

Ryan will tell that we were talking about the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry.

2- Truthful

Ryan will tell the truth that he went to get advice about the school.

Then it would be our turn to select Kaitlyn or Jacob. If you choose Jacob, he’ll choose dare and Ryan will dare him to jump over the fire naked. But as it is too dangerous, the game moves on. If you choose Kaitlyn, she’ll choose truth and you can ask her one of the two questions.

1- Mischievous

Ryan will ask Kaitlyn that did she ever hooked up with Jacob.

2- Interested

Ryan will ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Then Kaitlyn will dare Emma to kiss Nick or Jacob, she’ll choose Nick and Jacob will shout at Nick and leave the party. Abi, Emma, and Nick will also leave and then the chapter ends.

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