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Thief Simulator 2: How to Steal a Suspicious Briefcase From 108



Thief Simulator 2 - Suspicious briefcase

The story mode of Thief Simulator 2 lets you go through various quests alongside unlocking new skills and areas. One of the main quests that you will get to complete for the Private Number (guy) is stealing the Suspicious Briefcase from 108. House 108 is located near Joe’s Pawnshop and fortunately, it has only 1 tenant. Here is everything you need to do to steal the Suspicious Briefcase from 108 in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Steal a Suspicious Briefcase from 108

House 108 is fully secured with high metal railings so, you cannot climb your way inside the property. The only way to get inside the property is to go through the front door which has a Level 2 lock. Make sure that you have the Lockpicking Level 2 skill unlocked to pick the Level 2 lock. Another thing that you need to do is to mark the tenant to know his route. The 108 Tenant leaves the house at 20:00 and comes back at 22:00 so, you will have a couple of minutes to find and loot the briefcase.

Wait for the tenant to leave the house and make your way inside the house by lockpicking both the front and the main door of the house. After that, make your way up the staircase and into the bedroom of the tenant. Look beside the entrance of the room to find the Suspicious Briefcase beside the door. Press E to pick up the briefcase and leave the property. If you want to look around and loot items then feel free to do it.

After looting the briefcase, go to your hideout and access the computer to send the Suspicious Briefcase to the Private Number (guy) via the BlackBay app.

That is all related to how to steal a Suspicious Briefcase from 108 in Thief Simulator 2.

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