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Unraveling the Mystery of Green Dots in “Sons of the Forest”



Unraveling the Mystery of Green Dots in "Sons of the Forest"

“Sons of the Forest” is a captivating game that uses a variety of map symbols to guide players. Among these, the green dots are of particular interest, leading players to significant locations within the game’s expansive universe.

The Significance of Green Dots

In “Sons of the Forest”, green dots on the map serve as markers for crucial locations. Players who follow these green dots often discover intriguing items and a hidden entrance nearby. This concealed entrance leads to a bunker, a key area within the game’s landscape.

Green Dots and the Challenge of the Bunkers

However, the journey doesn’t end at discovering the bunker. Each bunker houses a locked door that can only be opened with a specific keycard. These keycards, which are vital for accessing important items for the game’s storyline, are the true treasures that the green dots lead to.

The Quest for Keycards: A Green Dot Adventure

Before players can unearth these keycards, they need to unlock a shovel. With this tool in hand, they can then follow the green dots to the northwestern part of the island, where the keycards are hidden.

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