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We Were Here Forever: Jester’s Dice Puzzle



We Were Here Forever: Jester’s Dice Puzzle

We Were Here Forever is a Co-op adventure game where you and your friend have to play throughout the game by helping each other with different puzzles and progressing together. This whole game is about teamwork and communicating with each other to keep things clearer because you do want to tell your partner what you see and what can he do.

In this guide, we tell you how to solve Jester’s Dice Puzzle which is the last puzzle of chapter 1.

How to Solve the Jester’s Dice Puzzle

Both of the players will put in some sort of dice after you turn the key in the Toybox puzzle. This puzzle is not that hard and all it takes is the communication and matching the symbols of each room together to walk through them.

The symbols of the rooms can only be seen from above so you cannot see your own room symbols so, your partner has to tell you which symbol will connect where along with the other room. You guys need to get all of the rooms shown above you and in order to do that you need to turn a key in the rooms. Not all of the rooms have keys so first, you want to align the symbols and walk into the room and turn the key. Turning the key will appear more rooms above you.

How to Solve the Jester’s Dice Puzzle

You have to turn at least two keys to show all of the rooms in the dice and then the Jester will come from above for a moment and leave.

After that, your main goal is to match the symbol of the purple door with the rooms and go through the door to reach the teleportation door of some kind.

How to Solve the Jester’s Dice Puzzle

There’ll be two keys that need to turn in order to open the teleport, both of the players have to turn the key and go through the door, it’ll take you to the next area of this puzzle which would be exactly the same only the shapes and symbols would change.

How to Solve the Jester’s Dice Puzzle

The goal here would be the same as before, you want to match the purple door symbol with the rooms and walk into it to get to the teleportation door. You have to match some of the symbols before you get to match the purple door so, it would take some time and communication. But once you’ve matched the symbol between the rooms just go through the doors and turn the keys to activate the door.

Go through the door and sit on the wooden seats and a cutscene will play and you’d complete the puzzle and the first chapter of the game.

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