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Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Get the Gent Pipe



Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Get the Gent Pipe

Audrey will need to find a way out of the studio and a girl named Alice will be helping her in the Mysterious Studio. After getting through the main hall, Audrey will reach an upper floor where she will find a locked door and she needs to find a thing to break the lock. After looking for a while, she’ll hear Alice’s voice that will tell her to find the Gent Pipe to break the door. Gent Pipe is also the first weapon of Audrey that she can use to defend herself against the Ink Creatures.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get the Gent Pipe in Bendy and The Dark Revival.

Getting Gent Pipe

Finding Gent Pipe

As Audrey is talking with Alice, Audrey will hear a smashing of the creature in the area. Alice will tell her to find the Gent Pipe right away. After the conversation with Alice, you need to quickly hide in the barrel on the left side. Let the creature move away and then you need to head straight toward the Atrium Supply door. Look to the left side of the door and you’ll see the Gent Pipe on the wall but the Atrium Supply room is full of darkness and you’ll need to restore its power to go inside the door.

Restoring Power to Atrium Supply

After finding the location of the Gent Pipe, go back again and a small cutscene will play in which a creature will come out of the locked door. You need to stay hidden from this creature or it will hit you until you’re dead. Crouch behind the things to stay hidden from him and he’ll go towards the table on the right side. Let him go there and sneak into the door where he came from.

You’ll find something to eat in this room, if you’re hurt then you can eat food to regenerate your health. As you enter through the door, there’ll be a broken wall on the right side. Go through the broken wall and you’ll see an Electric Supply Box on the left side. Go near it to examine it and you’ll notice that it is missing a fuse from Atrium Supply control. Now, you need to look for the Fuse and then place it inside the Electric Supply Box to restore power to Atrium Supply.

Go outside the room and stay in stealth mode and don’t get caught by his eyes. You need to go through the door on the right side to get to the Kitchen. Let him move away and then make your way to the Kitchen. Loot items from the Kitchen and after a few moments, the creature will open the Kitchen’s locked door. Hide from him in the cabinet and let him move away. Get out of the cabinet and go inside the door where he came from. There’ll be another door in front. Open the next door and you’ll find a Fuse on top of a cake.

Now, get out of the kitchen and make sure the creature doesn’t see you. You need to go all the way back to the Electric Supply Box to plug in the fuse to restore the power. Be careful on your way to there because you’ll encounter him and you just need to stay hidden or hide inside anything if he sees you. Once you are at the Electric Supply Box, plug in the Fuse to restore the power to Atrium Supply.

Get Gent Pipe

Now, go out of the room, and go straight to the Atrium Supply Room. Say hidden from the creature and when you reach inside the room, close its door. Now go through the cracked wall and then go to the left side to find a door. Open the door and you’ll get the Gent Pipe.

Now, you’ll be able to defend yourself with the Gent Pipe as it can be used to hit the Ink Creatures to deal damage and you’ll be able to break weak walls and locked doors.

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