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Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Open the Locked Door in Heavenly Toys Exit



Bendy and the Dark Revival – An Ink-Filled Adventure: A Detailed Review

Bendy and The Dark Revival is a survival horror game and it is filled with different types of puzzles. The game will examine you from the start and secrets to progress forward in the chapters will be hidden around in your surroundings. You’ll have to gather, see, and listen to different things to find your way out.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Open the Locked Door in Heavenly Toys Exit Location I Bendy and The Dark Revival.

Heavenly Toys Exit

After getting through the Prologue of the game, Audrey will come to a mysterious world and will see different Ink Creatures that would be hunting for her. She’ll meet a girl named Alice who will tell her to go to Upper Floors as it is safer there. Audrey will have to go up the main staircase of the hall and turn right. Go straight and climb the brick wall to go up. Go to the left side and Audrey will see herself in the mirror, covered in Ink. This room will have a locked door which can only be unlocked by putting in the right combination code.

Opening the Locked Door

From the mirror where Audrey saw herself, you’ll enter a room by crouching and when you go to the right side of the room, you’ll see a closed door and right opposite the door is a console with “GENT” written on it. There are three combinations on which you have to rotate to the correct numbers and then press the button on the console to open the door.

Now, in order to get the code of the door, you need to search the room but for your easiness, don’t search the whole room because you wouldn’t find anything important. The thing that you need to pick up and listen to is the Audio placed on the table behind. Go to the table and interact with the audio to listen to the tape named “Door Codes – Dale Little”. You don’t want to skip the audio because there is a code hidden in this tape and you would have to listen to the whole tape to get the code.

Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Open the Locked Door in Heavenly Toys Exit

When you reach almost the end of the Tape, you’ll hear Dale Little saying that the code for locked doors is “4, 5, 1”. After hearing the code, go to the Gent console and rotate the combination numbers to 4,5,1 on the console and press the button to open the closed door.

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