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Cyberpunk 2077: change appearance and skill reset – what works & what doesn’t



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Cyberpunk 2077 has a terrific character editor that gives you a lot of freedom: There are tons of setting options with which you can design V according to your own personal preferences:

You rarely see your character, for example when you look in the mirror, open the inventory or drive a motorcycle from a third-person perspective – but what if you want a fresh hairstyle or new tattoos?

In this article, we explain to you what can and cannot be changed afterward.

Change appearance in Cyberpunk – is that possible?

In short: no. There is currently no way to change the look of your character again. Once you have created your character, you have to live with it – at least until you start over with another game.

The only way to customize the look of your existing hero is to use the various items of clothing and outfits that you can loot or buy from vendors.

However, it is quite possible that Night City will still be populated with hairdressers via DLC or free update or that the Ripperdoc you can trust will also be able to perform cosmetic surgery at some point. But these updates will probably be a long time coming – why that is, explains editor-in-chief Heiko in his column:

Character Respec – what is possible

Cyberpunk 2077 has a total of three different types of status values: Attributes, Skills, and Perks.


The attributes are the five main categories of the constitution, reflexes, technical ability, intelligence, and coolness. They give you passive bonuses and allow you to learn other talents. You can invest a maximum of 20 points per attribute – since the level cap for your hero is level 50, you will never be able to bring all attributes to the maximum at the same time.

The attributes cannot be reset either – so think carefully beforehand about what you want to specialize in! In our build guides you will find some powerful variants with which you should survive in Night City without any problems:


Skills cannot be reset either – but that’s not a problem at all! After all, they are earned through “learning by doing”. For example, if you knock down enough enemies with the katana, your blade skill increases.

The number of skill points that you can earn depends on the associated attribute: If you have put around 15 points into reflexes, you can level up rifles, handguns, and blades to 15 each by using the appropriate type of weapon.


Perks are the passive talents in which you can invest your advantage points after a level up – and at the same time the only thing that you can actually reset. However, you need a lot of money on this.

This is how the skill reset works

To reset your passive skills, you have to visit the Ripperdoc you trust. These doctors can be found all over Night City, they are marked on the map with white surgical scissors.

Once there, you can now buy the Tabula E-Rasa item for 100,000 euros – after using it, you can redistribute your benefits points. Attributes and skills remain unchanged.

Should the developers bring into play a possibility in the future, how you can change appearance and attributes afterward, we will of course let you know immediately!

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