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Dead Island 2 – How to Craft Med Kits



Med Kit

Health is very crucial in Dead Island 2 as each of the characters has different Peak Health in the game, you should store enough Med Kits in your storage to keep healing your character if things go south during the fight. You can generally find Med Kits in different locations around the map but it is helpful that you craft them as well so that you don’t have to always rely on finding the Med Kits.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft med kits in Dead Island 2.

Unlock Med Kit Blueprint

The crafting mechanic in Dead Island 2 requires a Blueprint for each of the recipes that players can craft in the game. In order to craft the Med Kit Blueprint, players must unlock the Med Kit Blueprint first. To get the Med Kit Blueprint, you will have to go along the main story of the game until you reach Emma’s House.

When you get to her house, you will meet Sam and Emma. Sam will introduce you to the Trader and after that, he will give you the Blueprint of Med Kit. To get to this point, you will have to play for about an Hour and a Half.

Med Kit Blueprint

Craft Med Kit

To craft the Med Kit, you will have to find a Workbench. Luckily Workbenches can be found in multiple locations around the map. The first Workbench that you will find will be near the location of the Trader. Once you have obtained the Blueprint of Med Kit, you will get to interact with the Workbench. You need to select the “Fabricate” tab in the Workbench to view the recipe for the Med kit. You will be needing the following resources to craft a Med Kit in Dead Island 2.

  • 2x Adhesive
  • 2x Fabric
  • 1x Chemicals

All of these resources are very easy to find and you can also get them by killing the zombies. If you are low on resources, you can also Salvage the weapons that you don’t need for resources.

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