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For the King 2: How to Get Carnival Tickets



FTK 2 - Carnival TIcket

The world of Fahrul offers various POIs while exploring the areas in the overworld and one of the most intriguing ones is the Dark Carnival. If you have played the original For the King, then you might understand what is it and what benefits you can get from it but if you are a new player to the series, then you might want to learn about it. However, whatever the case, the Dark Carnival event is not free and requires a Carnival Ticket to test your luck.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Carnival Tickets in For the King 2.

How to Get Carnival Tickets in For the King 2

The Carnival Ticket is one of the key items in For the King 2 that is mainly used for partaking in the Dark Carnival event. It is a rare key item in the game and can be obtained from two different methods.

  • Loot the Treasure Chest in the last room of the dungeons.
  • Buy it from Night Market.

The usual way to get the Carnival Ticket is by looting it from the treasure chests, especially the ones inside the dungeons. As there are several rooms inside each dungeon, you must survive through each room to complete the dungeon and loot the treasure chest in the last room. However, it is not guaranteed that you get the Carnival Ticket as a drop from the treasure chest.

Another method to get the Carnival Ticket is buying it from the Night Market for 60 Gold. Night Maret is a random store spawn that you will come across while exploring the areas in the overworld. It is easy to identify a Night Market due to the purple curtains on the tent but it only operates during the night so, if you come across a Night Market in the daytime, you must wait for the night to view the Night Market store.

Night Market has a high chance of having a Carnival Ticket in the store but it’s not every time. There is a chance that you might have to find another Night Market by exploring the area to buy the Carnival Ticket.

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