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For the King 2: Where to Find the Dark Carnival & All Games



FTK 2 - Dark Carnival

The world of Fahrul offers various POIs while exploring the areas in the overworld and one of the most intriguing ones is the Dark Carnival. If you have played the original For the King, then you might understand what is it and what benefits you can get from it but if you are a new player to the series, then you might want to learn about it. Dark Carnival offers multiple games through which players can earn certain rewards as well as get a penalty such as death or complete party death.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the dark carnival and all of its games in For the King 2.

Where to Find the Dark Carnival in For the King 2

The Dark Carnival is one of the overworld events in which players can participate to test out their luck. The location of the Dark Carnival is completely random as it appears randomly by exploring the ‘?’ Hex Tiles in the overworld after unlocking it at the Lore Store. The Dark Carnival location can be unlocked by spending 4 Lore Books in the Lore Store and after that, the Dark Carnival will spawn at random tiles across Fahrul.

All Dark Carnival Games

The Dark Carnival event offers 3 Carnival Games for players to partake in using the Carnival Ticket. If players don’t have a Carnival Ticket, they will not be able to take part in any Carnival game to test out their luck.

  1. Ghost Petting Zoo: The Ghost Petting Zoo game rewards players with a guaranteed follower who follows the party until they die or run out of turns.
  2. Fun House: The Fun House game rewards players with a treasure chest or a gear item, or penalty players by teleporting them to the dungeon or the death of one of the characters.
  3. Wheel of Death: The Wheel of Death game rewards players with a Life Pool giving them more lives in their playthrough or a gear item, or penalty players by the death of one character or the whole party, ending the current playthrough for the players.

The Carnival Games is highly based on your luck and the roll check. If you don’t get a higher roll in the check, you will most likely get a penalty which can cause the death of one of the characters or the whole party if playing Wheel of Death. The safest game is Ghost Petting Zoo to get a follower but it is not very rewarding.

You can try Fun House for high rewards on a high check roll but you would still have the danger of getting a death penalty for one of the characters. Don’t forget that you can revive the fallen allies so, if you are up for the risk, take it.

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