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For the King 2: How to Unlock Farmer and Pathfinder Classes



FTK 2 - unlock Farmer and Pathfinder

For the King 2 allows players to control 4 different characters (classes) in each playthrough in the world of Fahrul. Players will start with 5 starter classes from which they will be able to select any 4 for the initial campaign, The Resistance. However, as players progress further into the main story, they will get to unlock more of the classes that can be used in the next playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Farmer and Pathfinder Classes in For the King 2.

How to Unlock Farmer and Pathfinder Classes in For the King 2

Both the Farmer and Pathfinder Classes are tied to the main story of the Resistance. You will start the adventure as the Resistance and you need to complete the 1st act of the Resistance in under 50 turns to unlock both the Farmer and the Pathfinder Classes. The 50 turns challenge is optional but if you don’t complete the 1st act in under 50 turns, you might not get the Farmer class or the Pathfinder class.

The first act of the Resistance will require you to complete the Guardhouse, Prison Cart, Sewers, andthe Boogie’s Crypt quests to progress to the end of Act 1. Go along the main quests to complete all of the required quests in under 50 turns to unlock both of the classes.

Once you have completed Act 1 in under 50 turns, the Farmer class and the Pathfinder class will unlock at the Characters tab in the Lore Store. To use them in your playthrough, you must buy them from the Lore Store using Lore Books.

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