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For the King 2: How to Unlock Friar and Shepherd Classes



FTK 2 - unlock Friar and Shepherd

Friar is one of the magic dealing tank/durable mage characters that can play the role of the tank for the team as well as provide players with certain buffs using their abilities. They use alcohol to provide buffs to the team and start with a flail and a shield as weapons to deal physical damage to the enemies. The Shepherd is a highly versatile class that can be equipped with various types of weapons to utilize them in a certain role. From staff like the Herbalist to the Shield like the Blacksmith, you name it. Shepherd also has one of the highest vitality stats in the game which makes them a great character for tanking purposes in combat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Friar and Shepherd Classes in For the King 2.

How to Unlock the Friar and Shepherd Classes in For the King 2

Both the Friar and Shepherd Classes are tied to the main story of The Primordial Oak. The Primordial Oak is the 2nd Act of the game that you will get to unlock after completing the Resistance story. You need to complete the 2nd act of the Primordial Oak in under 50 turns and eliminate 25 Goblins to unlock both the Friar and the Shepherd Classes.

The 50 turns and eliminating 25 Goblins challenges are optional but if you don’t complete these challenges, you might not get the Friar class or the Shepherd class. Go along the main quests to complete all of the required quests in under 50 turns to unlock both of the classes.

Once you have completed Act 2 in under 50 turns and defeated 25 Goblins during the run, the Friar class and the Shepherd class will unlock at the Characters tab in the Lore Store. To use them in your next playthrough, you must buy them from the Lore Store using Lore Books.

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