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For the King II: How to Upgrade Pipe



FTK 2 - Upgrade Pipe

For the King II offers various consumables in the World of Fahrul that players can equip to the characters to gain certain bonuses in the characters’ characteristics. One of the useful consumable items is Pipe which comes in various types. If you are a veteran player or familiar with the original game, then you might recognize the Pipe item as it is a returning consumable item in For The King II. The Pipe grants certain bonuses upon usage and their bonuses can be enhanced by upgrading the pipe itself.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade pipe in For the King II.

How to Upgrade Pipe in For the King II

Pipes can be upgraded from two different NPCs in For the King II but both of the NPCs have different demands for Gold for providing the service. The first and recommended option is to go to a Pipe Smith who can be found in all of the towns and see his wares to find an upgrade for a Pipe. Pipe Smith demands a reasonable price for each upgrade of the Pipe and every pipe can be upgraded for 4 times in total. Upgrading the Pipe each time will increase the potential of the bonus it grants to the character.

The second option is to find a traveling merchant who can only be found at random Hex Tiles while far away from a nearby town. If you have a certain Pipe that you use often on characters and want to enhance its potential, then you can interact with the traveling merchant to get an upgrade for the pipe. However, the traveling merchant will ask for almost double the price of Pipe Smith for 1 upgrade. If you are willing to spare some Gold then you can choose to upgrade the pipe from the merchant otherwise, wait for your characters to reach a town to get the upgrade.

Once the pipe has been upgraded, you can use it with the herbs to gain significantly more bonus than before. As there are various kinds of pipes in the game, make sure that you use the pipe you need as all of the pipes have their unique bonuses.

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