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How to make gunpowder in New World: Best places to farm saltpeter



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In this guide we tell you how to make gunpowder in New World and for this, you will also need to know the best places to farm saltpeter.

Obtaining resources in New World is as important as combat, exploration, or forging alliances with characters and players. This new world has plenty of materials that will help you progress and continue adding quality equipment.

Gunpowder is an extremely useful material if you are one of those who carry a musket, so surely you have wondered how you can get it. For this, you will need saltpeter and here we will tell you all about these valuable resources from New World .

How to make gunpowder in New World: Best places to farm saltpeter

Where to find saltpeter: Best locations to farm

Saltpeter is a resource that we will need to be able to make gunpowder. Luckily, it is quite abundant in the early areas of the game. If you want to farm it more efficiently you will have to find a number of locations.

The first thing you need to extract saltpeter is a flint pick and once you have it you should look for caves. Inside them or very close to them you can find small rocks of saltpeter on the ground.

You must pay attention since it is not the most seen mineral in the game, you will know that it is saltpeter since it is a lower rock than others and of a gray color with traces of brown.

What is gunpowder for and how to make it

Gunpowder is essential to be able to use the musket within New World, so if you handle this weapon, you must make sure you have reserves of this resource. Don’t worry, it can be manufactured.

To make gunpowder you need wood, flint, and the saltpeter that we have already mentioned. Once you have these materials, you must follow the following simple steps:

  • Find a foundry within the towns of New World.
  • Once you find one select ‘Charcoal’ in the recipe menu and look for the ‘Crafts’ window
  • In the workshop select ‘Gunpowder’ in the recipe menu and craft to get it

With this, you will have already obtained the gunpowder with which you will be able to continue shooting at all those reckless ones you come across on your adventures through this MMORPG.

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