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New World: This is how you get Fae Iron



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The raw material Fae Iron is mainly used in the lower level of the crafting of New World. We at Nintendosmash reveal where you can find Fae Iron from.

What do you need Fae Iron for? Fae Iron is required for various recipes as armor or weaponsmith at level 2. Without this material, leveling these professions is more difficult.

Where do you get Fae Iron from? Fae Iron is a rare material that you can randomly extract from mining iron ore . It works as just like the petrified wood. So you have no choice but to look for iron ore and hope for your luck.

However, you can increase this happiness:

  • For one, you can craft a pickaxe with a matching enchantment.
  • On the other hand, there is buff food that increases the chance, including roasted potatoes, potatoes roasted in herbs, or salty roasted vegetables.

Alternatively, you can buy Fae Iron from the trading post.

Where can I find Fae Iron? You can find Fae Iron in the area type “highlands” and they come in different sizes so that you can extract between 15 and 50 iron ore from it.

You can find a larger accumulation of Fae Iron in the area between the cities of Königsfels and Immerfall.

If you want to find all Eisenerz spots in the game in general, you should use the resource map for New World. These maps show you all the important places, lorry slips, or materials on the maps.

At what level can you mine Fae Iron? To mine Fae Iron you need a pickaxe, but no special skill in mining. Because you can mine iron at level 0.

From level 25, Fae Iron is even shown on the compass.

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