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Lethal Company: All Terminal Commands



Lethal Company - All Terminal Commands

Lethal Company is a survival game based on raiding mechanics on a cosmic level with several moons having their own facilities. Players will get to progress from moon to moon as they fulfill their quota to raid the facilities for valuable items so-called scraps. However, the moons and the facilities have several traps and monsters within them that tend to slow down the raid or even eliminate the players to prevent them from securing the goods. Apart from the raiding components of the game, the general components of the game like buying items and upgrading and decorating the ship also play a significant role but nothing is achievable if players don’t know the commands of the terminal.

In this guide, we’ll go over all the terminal commands in Lethal Company.

All Terminal Commands in Lethal Company

The terminal is a key aspect of the game as it assists with almost everything in the game. From switching among the moons to getting yourself new tools for the raid, all of these things are done with the help of the terminal but players must know the correct commands for the actions. Players can find the terminal inside the ship close to the Monitoring Screen. They can interact with the terminal by pressing the E button to start typing the commands to perform certain actions and press the Tab button anytime to exit from the terminal.

Below you will find all the terminal commands and their actions in Lethal Company.

  • Help – Show a list of all commands.
  • Moons – Show a list of all moons where autopilot can set route.
    • Company Building – Set a route to the company building to sell items.
    • Experimentation – Set a route to the Experimentation Moon.
    • Assurance – Set a route to the Assurance Moon.
    • Vow – Set a route to the Vow Moon.
    • Offense – Set a route to the Offense Moon.
    • March – Set a route to the March Moon.
    • Rend – Set a route to the Rend Moon.
    • Dine – Set a route to the Dine Moon.
    • Titan – Set a route to the Titan Moon.
  • Store – Show a list of useful items, Ship’s Upgrades, Decorative/Furniture items, and Suits.
    • Buy [item name] – Place the order from the store.
  • Bestiary – Show a list of wildlife/monsters on record.
    • [Monster name] Info – Show the information on the monster.
  • Storage – Show the storage for placing or removal of objects in the Ship’s Storage.
  • Other – Show a list of other commands.
    • Scan – Scan the moon to show the total number of items and their total worth.
    • View Monitor – Enables/Disables the monitor cam.
    • Switch [Player Name] – See the specific player on the monitor.
    • Ping [Radar Booster Name] – Activates the Radar Booster to emit a noise.
  • [Unique Identification Code] – Close/Open the secure doors or Enable/Disable a turret. For instance, if there is a door with a ‘d2’ number in the facility, that is its identification code. Access the terminal and type in d2 to open/close it.
  • Sigurd – Show the Log Entries.
    • First log – Aug 22
    • Smells here! – Aug 24
    • Sound behind the wall – Sep 4
    • Screams – Sep 13

These are all the commands for the terminal that you will be using throughout your survival adventure in Lethal Company. Most of the commands that you will be using during the raid are the ‘Other’ ones, especially if you are playing with friends. If you are SOLO then most of the times you will be traveling or going to ‘Company Building’ to sell items.

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