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Lethal Company: How to Disable Sentry Guns



Lethal Company - Disable Sentry Gun

The facility on the moons that you will get to raid in Lethal Company has several traps like mines and sentry guns that can take you out instantly upon activating them. For you to explore the facility completely and gather all of the possible valuable items, you must outmaneuver the traps. Mines are easy to tackle as they only activate upon stepping them and can be heard from a safe distance but the sentry guns require a more unique approach to tackle them.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to disable Sentry Guns in Lethal Company.

How to Disable Sentry Guns in Lethal Company

Disabling the Sentry Guns in Lethal Company will require you to use the terminal on your ship. Every Sentry Gun in the facility has an identification code like the secure door and you can use the terminal to disable them. To disable the Sentry Gun follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the Terminal on your ship.
  • Enter the ‘Identification Code’ of the sentry code to disable the turret.

A time bar will display on the screen and once the time bar disappears, the turret will activate again. For you to keep the turret disabled, you will have to re-enter the identification code every time the time bar disappears. You will have to be in contact with your crew or view them on the monitor by using the ‘View Monitor’ command to assist them with the sentry gun on their path of exploration.

If you are playing Solo then it is best to find an alternate route to further explore the facility as the turret can kill you within a second upon getting hit by it.

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