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Payday 3: How to Get C-Stacks



Payday 3: How to Get C-Stacks

C-Stacks is an encrypted currency in Payday 3 that can be used to buy cosmetics and special weapons with skins. It is a secondary and premium currency in Payday 3, and getting it can be more difficult than making money.

This guide will cover the methods to get C-Stacks and help you know how you can get C-Stacks in Payday 3.

How to Get C-Stacks in Payday 3

There are only two methods through which you can get C-Stacks in Payday 3:

  1. Career Challenges: There are over 80 Career Challenges in Payday 3, and most of them will reward you with a certain number of C-Stacks. You can view the Career Challenges under the Challenges Tab in the main menu and complete all of them to earn up to 715 C-Stacks. The Career Challenges are filled with various challenges, such as reaching a specific Infamy Level or completing a heist without being knocked down.
  2. Buying with Money: You can also buy C-Stacks with Money you earn through heist missions. To do this, select the Setaggi vendor under the Vendors Tab in the main menu. Setaggi sells C-Stacks in three different quantities: 1, 5, and 10. The stock of C-Stacks resets after 1 week. You can buy up to 11 C-Stacks of each quantity. However, the price will increase for each purchase. For example, if you buy 1 C-Stack for the first time, it will cost you $10,000. The second 1 C-Stack will cost $25,000, and so on. The same principle applies to the other two quantities.

Keep in mind that once you have bought C-Stacks, you cannot convert them back to Money. You can only use C-Stacks to buy the items that are sold for C-Stacks. You can find certain weapons and cosmetics at the vendors, so if you have C-Stacks, use them to buy something nice for your character.

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