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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Solve Water Hall Puzzle



Water Hall Puzzle

Once players have managed to make progress inside the castle by finding a way through the Dungeons and solving the Sword Puzzle in the Treasury Room, the host of the Castle has prepared a Water Puzzle in the Water Hall. Players will have to solve the Water Hall Puzzle in order to make their way out of the Water Hall in the Castle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Water Hall Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Get the Halo Wheel in Water Hall

Once players have made it to the Water Hall, they will be required to make their way to reach further ahead in the Water Hall. That is only possible by rotating the Valve on the structure in the middle. The Structure will not have any Valve so, you will have to find one in order to make progress. You will have to take down several enemies before you get to find the Valve. Clear the upper area from the enemies and then go to the left side of the hall to make your way down to the lower level of hall.

Once you have made it to the lower level, clear the lower level from the enemies and make your way to the statue at the end of the middle pathway. The statue will be holding a Halo Wheel. Now, use the Halo Wheel on the structure on the lower level which will be on the right side. Interact with the structure and use the Halo Wheel and then rotate the Halo Wheel to lower the staircase.

Get the Halo Wheel

Use the Halo Wheel

Now, go up from the Staircase and use the Halo Wheel on the structure in the middle of the upper level. It will unlock the staircase in front through which you can go ahead. Clear the hall from the enemies again and go ahead to reach another Halo Wheel. Rotate the Halo Wheel to lift up a single Platform ahead. Now, go to the left side of the ring in the center and lift up Ashley.

You will have to cover Ashley from the enemies while she rotates the Halo Wheels on top. She will have to rotate two Halo Wheels in total on both sides to lift up the complete platform to the door. You will have to take out the enemies on her side as well as on your side. So, make sure that you have enough bullets for the fight and when she has rotated both of the Halo Wheels, the platform will be completed.

Protect Ashley from Enemies

Now, go along the platform with Ashely to get out of the Water Hall area of the Castle.

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