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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Cooking Pot



Sons of the Forest: How to get Cooking Pot

The Cooking Pot is one of the new tools that has been added to Sons of Forest that enhances the cooking mechanic as well as helps players to get clean and boiled water, free of parasites. As the new update has added a distinction between dirty and clean water, players would have to drink the parasite’s free water to fill the dehydration meter without any taking health loss. In order to do that, Cooking Pot is a necessary tool.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Cooking Pot in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get Cooking Pot in Sons of the Forest

The Cooking Pot is one of the basic tools that can be found pretty easily in the early game. Most of the Cooking Pots spawn in the camps found all over at different locations on the island. There are a number of camps on the west side that will have a Cooking Pot at the camp. If players are spawning near the beach, then they can also get the Cooking Pot from the camp on the beach near the Pistol’s location.

Upon finding the camp, look for the Cooking Pot and a prompt will appear when players go near the cooking pot. Press E to pick up the Cooking Pot and press G to store it in the inventory. Now, players would be able to use the Cooking Pot to cook food in modern style and in large quantities as well as get fresh and clean water.

Players can place the cooking pot on the fire by interacting with the fire and then selecting the cooking pot from the inventory. After that, players can choose to select different ingredients from the inventory to make food that gives various buffs to the character.

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