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Sons of the Forest – How to Defeat the Final Boss (Patch 07 Update)



Sons of the Forest: How to Defeat Final Boss

The new patch 7 update of Sons of the Forest is live now and in the new update, there is a new Final Boss that has been added to the game and players would have to defeat the boss in order to get the ending. Before this patch, the final boss was the Demon Boss that is fought in the bunker but the new final boss is fought at the ending area of the game where the helicopter lands and it is actually the biggest boss of all of the other bosses in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat the Final Boss in Sons of the Forest.

How to Defeat the Final Boss of Sons of the Forest

Players will get introduced to the final boss at the very ending scene of the game where the Helicopter lands on the beach for the actual ending. However, in the latest patch, before players will get to choose the ending, they will get to fight the biggest mutated enemy at the very spot. As the cutscene of the boss ends, players will get control of their main character. The whole inventory of the character would still be equipped so, don’t worry about looking for inventory on the beach (like in the previous patches). Press the I Button to open the inventory and select the weapon. The best weapons to defeat the Final Boss are the following.

Both of these weapons deal high damage and players would be needing a decent amount of ammunition for both of these weapons. Make sure to be stacked up on ammunition before getting into the Golden Cube to trigger the boss fight. To start off, equip the Shotgun and take care of the Spider Mutants of the boss. Run a bit far from the boss and take out the mutants. Once the mutants are dealt with, equip the grenades or time bombs to throw at the boss to deal some heavy damage. After that, equip the Rifle and start shooting at the Boss from a distance. The reason why players should keep their distance from the final boss is that he will attack with the helicopter and it will take 3 hits to fully kill the main character.

Keep changing positions by running to other sides and keep shooting at the boss to deal damage. Don’t stay in one position for too long as the boss will lock on to the player’s position and will jump right on the position or rush at the position, dealing heavy damage. So, take the shot, immediately run to the other side and keep repeating it. Once the players run out of Rifle Ammo, they can switch to Shotgun and then get close to the boss. Don’t stay still in front of the boss as it will increase the chances of getting hit by the Helicopter. Keep moving around the boss and keep shooting at the boss with the Shotgun.

The whole boss fight will not take that long as it can be killed pretty quickly if all the shots are connected. It will take about 2 minutes to defeat the Final Boss with these weapons. However, this boss would be extremely difficult against the Melee Weapons.

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