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Sons of the Forest – How to Defeat Demon Boss



Sons of the Forest: How to defeat the Demon Boss

Demon Boss is one of the end-game bosses in Sons of the Forest that players can choose to fight before heading toward the final boss of the game. Yes, the Demon Boss is not a main boss that players would have to defeat at all cost but it is an optional boss that players can skip simply by running all the way to the Golden Cube to trigger the cutscene. However, the hardcore players of Sons of the Forest might want to fight and kill all of the enemies before they end the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Demon Boss in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Demon Boss in Sons of the Forest

The Demon Boss can be found inside the Final Bunker of the game located on the East side of the island. Players would have to get the VIP Keycard for it to enter the bunker. Keep on going ahead in the bunker to reach the cavern area and as players go ahead on the path, they will reach the lava area where the Demon Boss will come out of the lava.

How to Defeat Demon Boss in Sons of the Forest

The Demon Boss is one of the toughest bosses in the game and it will take a lot of firepower to defeat the Demon Boss. The best weapons to defeat the demon boss are the following.

As the Demon Boss comes out of the lava, it will start following the players and it can jump to very long distances. In order to get the advantage in the fight, equip the grenade as the boss coming out of the lava and throw it at him to deal heavy damage at the start of the fight. Equip the Shotgun and shoot the head and back body of the Demon Boss to deal maximum damage. Don’t try to run too far from the boss or near the other enemies because the fight will get only more difficult if more enemies show up in the boss fight.

The Demon Boss will latch itself to the ceiling of cavern areas from time to time and at this point, players can use the new Rifle to deal damage to it from a distance. Keep shooting it until it comes down and then switch to Shotgun to deal more damage. The Demon Boss will also try to close distance from the players by jumping on the main character’s position. When it jumps, run in the forward direction to dodge the jump and strikes of the Demon Boss and then use the Shotgun to deal further damage.

If players run out of ammunition and grenades during the fight, they can choose to use the Cross for the rest of the fight. The Cross will slowly burn the Demon Boss but it will also deal damage to the player’s character as well. So, try to use it casually whenever the demon boss comes close to deal burning damage overtime.

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