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The 12 skulls of Halo Infinite: find them all and unlock their modifiers



The 12 skulls of Halo Infinite: find them all and unlock their modifiers

In Halo Infinite, the list of secrets involved in his campaign is flowery and rich in suffering, mainly because of how difficult it is to find all the skulls in the game. If you are a veteran of the saga, you will know that these objects are a classic in Halo, but we did not want to waste a minute to tell you where to find them and how their modifiers work.

The new Halo offers you freedom like never before to explore the Zeta Halo ring, and the community has had a hard time finding all the skulls, especially because if you leave one of them, in some cases, you will not have another to restart the game to find it. In fact, we imagine that even more could appear over the months (or years, or decades … as happened with this Xbox Easter egg ).

Where are the Halo Infinite skulls?


  • Effect: doubles the radius of explosions
  • Location: Gbraakon Warship

In the Gbraakon warship, a couple of rooms after finding the UNSC recording, you will see a long room with containers and platforms on the sides with parts going up and down. Go up one of them to access the skull.


  • Effect: Hastens recovery after taking blast damage
  • Location: The foundation

After finding the Weapon, head to the room with the ghosts and continue until you reach a window from which you can see the entire complex. In the heights, you will see some structures that you can climb using the hook. It will cost you, but with a little skill, you will get it.


  • Effect: Rarer dialogues are more frequent
  • Location: The tower
  • Fast Travel: The Tower

To get to this skull, you either hit the quick hook or grab a Banshee or a Wasp to get there. In the image that you have below, it is very easy to see where it is, and although it seems easy, if you have to climb with the hook it will cost you several attempts because you have to let go and re-hook very quickly to be able to climb completely. Upstairs you’ll find yourself … well, you’ll see.


  • Effect: Enemies throw and drop more grenades
  • Location: At the bottom of a ravine west of the Inka Saham FVT marker, on the northwest island
  • Fast Travel: Tremonius Post

Again, you will need a flying vehicle to get to this area. When you reach the island, stick to the coast until you see an opening in the hill. When you finish with the three enemies that guard the area, approach the tree and collect your skull.


  • Effect: disable motion detector
  • Location: In the hills west of FOB Alpha
  • Fast Travel: FOB Alpha

Fly towards these hexagonal formations until you see the gap you have in the capture. If you have the knack, you can go straight in with your Banshee or Wasp, but if not, you can land low and go up with the hook.


  • Effect: halves the amount of ammo you collect
  • Location: on a small island east of the beacon
  • Fast Travel: FOB November

Fly east of the fast travel point until you reach the island. Land carefully and pick up the skull guarded by an Elite. If you run out of your ship, you will find a Wasp on top of the mountain.


  • Effect: Disable the Master Chief’s interface and hands
  • Location: in the southwestern region, on a platform between two large stone walls
  • Quick trip: FOB Golf

Fly until you find these walls that separate two islands, under a portion of the rock. You will find a platform on which you can land and pick up your skull on duty.

Electric storm

  • Effect: Increase the range of almost all enemies
  • Location: between the island to the south and the island with the anti-aircraft weapons
  • Fast Travel: FOB November

Fly to this formation between two islands, with a large hexagonal pillar sticking out vertically. Land low and get ready to climb using your hook. Upstairs you will find a skull and some excellent views.

Purple eye

  • Effect: your shields only recharge when you attack melee
  • Location: in a cave on the island to the south
  • Fast Travel: The Cleft Gate

You will need both the upgraded grapple and a flying ship in order to reach this area. As soon as you find the waterfall that you see in the capture, you will know that you will have to soak going under it to enter a cavern where this skull resides.

Grunt Birthday Party

  • Effect: Headshots spark quirky celebrations
  • Location: Repository

After activating the terminal with the three Forerunner doors, turn to your right and jump using your grapple. Behind a corridor, you will find a Seed of Power. Take it to its destination on the other side of the terminal room (don’t be afraid of dropping it, because it will reappear where you found it).

By using it you will end up accessing a large room with an opening in its heights. Upon reaching the top you will be greeted by some undesirable individuals. Be careful.


  • Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo
  • Location: Control needle

In this mission, you will see structures that appear through yellow portals. Go through a series of elongated rooms until you reach a part with an opening to the heights. Take advantage of one of those structures to ascend with your hook until you find a Forerunner door and a corridor that will lead you to your skull.


  • Effect: Provides unlimited ammo and grenades, apart from eliminating reload time
  • Location: The Silent Auditorium

Advance through the level until you reach the first batch of sentries. Don’t kill them! Instead, keep going until you activate a light bridge with a button. Don’t turn left and keep going until you reach your skull. The trick is not to kill any sentries. If it happens, you have to restart the level.

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