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The Past Within: How to Find the Face Mask (The Past)



past within face mask

The Past Within is the first Co-Op game with only point-and-click mechanics. At the start of the game, both of the players get the choice to choose one side from the Past or the Future. Once the first chapter start, both of the players have to communicate with each other to progress in the chapter. One of the main items in the 1st chapter is the Face Mask for the Player that chooses the Past.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find the Face Mask in the 1st chapter of the Past Within.

Finding the Face Mask

To find the face mask, the Past, and the Future, both have to solve a few things on both ends. Once the Future has entered the Past’s year in the Device, he’ll get a switch from a Matchbox that the Past also found in the box. After that, Future needs to set the paintings in order according to the paintings in Past’s room. After that, Future will need to tell the symbols to Past so he can open a box with those symbols and he’ll find Coal.

Starting the Fire Pit

There’ll be a Fire Pit on the left side of the paintings in Past’s screen. Past needs to put the Coal in the Fire Pit and use the Match Stick to start the Fire in the Fire Pit. Once the Fire is lit, the lid will come down and Past will see three rows with 5 notches each and in each row, a notch is highlighted.

Starting the Fire Pit

Setting the Notches

Future needs to rotate to the back side of the device and he’ll see the same pattern that Past has on the Fire Pit. Ask Past about the notches to put the notches in the correct position. The correct positions for the notches are the following.

  • 2nd Notch on 1st Row
  • 4th Notch on 2nd Row
  • 1st Notch on 3rd Row
Setting the Notches

After placing all the notches, a battery will come out of a small container on the right and the device will start to smoke up just like in the Past’s room. Grab the battery and insert it on the right side of the device. A small fan will start spinning and the smoke will start to go out through the fan. There’ll also be a timer showing above the battery, “17: 15”. You need to tell Past the time and Past needs to switch the area to the clock and set the time to “5:15”.

past within face mask

The smoke from Past’s room will start to clear. Past needs to go to the Coffin screen and the picture of Albert will break down. Pick up the picture and Past will find a key. Past needs to put the key in the second drawer to find the face mask. Click on the mirror and put on the face mask to equip the face mask and Past will see that his room turns snowy.

face mask past within

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