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The Past Within: How to Get the Golden Cube (Past/Future)



The Past Within: How to Get the Golden Cube (Past/Future)

At the end of the first chapter, Past will make Albert come alive but in a shadow form and he’ll ask for both of the players to help to make a successful connection between the Future and the Past. After that, you’ll be able to get the Golden Cube which will be used to end the first chapter of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Golden Cube in the Past Within.

Getting the Golden Cube

After playing a game of chess, Future will get a Red Floppy Disk, and Future needs to pull out the yellow floppy disk from the device and enter the red floppy disk. A scary man will show up on the screen and the Past has to place both of the coins on the eyes of Albert’s body. His body will turn black and he’ll ask for your help. On the other side, the device will start to beep. All the placements of the symbols, notches, etc will change and you’ll have to put them in order with the help of Past. Future needs to change the notches into the following order.

  • 5th Notch on 1st Row
  • 2nd Notch on 2nd Row
  • 4th Notch on 3rd Row
Getting the Golden Cube

Change the switches on the back side of the device in the following position.

  • 3rd Switch Down in 1st Row
  • 3rd Switch Down on 2nd Row
golden cube

Set the other switches to the up position. Now, change the symbol in the eye according to the wall behind the coffin. Future will find Fuses and the shadow of Albert will stand behind Rose. Insert all three fuses in the device and a small compartment will open on the left side of the device.

golden cube the past within

Pull the switch and a new time will show on the screen above. The time will be “21: 10” and Past needs to turn the clock to “9: 10”. A successful connection will be made and Past will get a Golden Cube from the shadow of Albert.

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