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Thief Simulator 2: How to Complete Forestside Resort Heist



Thief Simulator 2 - Forestside Resort Heist

Forestside Resort is the first heist in Thief Simulator 2 that players will get to complete in Story Mode. The main character has to pay back half a million dollars to Lombardis and for that, our mysterious friend, Private Number will hook us up on a heist at the resort from which we need to steal a Diamond Earing for him.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Forestside Resort heist in Thief Simulator 2.

Requirements for Forestside Resort Heist

Before you get to start the heist, you must have the following items.

Both of these items can be bought from the Steal Gear app on the computer but the Automatic Lockpick requires a Lockpicking (Level 3) skill for which you need to be Level 9. Make sure to level up the character and learn the skill to unlock the Automatic Lockpick at the Steal gear shop to buy it.

Once you have the required tools, interact with the Whiteboard in the bedroom of the Hideout to start the Forestside Resort heist.

How to Complete Forestside Resort Heist

The main objective for completing the Forestside Resort Heist is to steal the Diamond Earrings from House 2C. Diamond Earrings are kept in a locker inside a house and the key to the locker is buried somewhere out in the forest. You need to find the key by digging the buried spots in the forest using the Shovel. The area is guarded by 2 armed guards and 5 residents near their houses. You also need to be on the lookout for the cameras as they all are unmarked and you need to mark them yourself to stay on the safe side.

All the cameras in the Resort are placed on big poles. Look for the poles and mark them by pressing the MMB. For the locker key, make your way to House 1C. There will be a buried spot right outside House 1C that you need to dig to loot the key. Once, you have the key, make your way to House 2C.

NOTE: The best time to loot the Diamond Earrings is between 3:00 – 7:00 because the woman will be sleeping.

The front door of the house will have a level 2 lock so, use the lockpicks to unlock the door. Go inside quietly and use the key on the locker to open the locker and steal the Diamond Earrings. You can also loot an Acoustic Guitar from House 2C if you want or you can just leave. After stealing Diamond Earrings, you need to go back to the Hideout and send them to the Private Number via Blackbay. Select the Valuables category to send the Diamond Earrings to complete the heist.

Apart from Diamond Earrings, you can also loot the following valuables around the houses in the area.

  • Smart Speaker from House 1A.
  • Antique Wall Clock from House 1B.
  • Microwave from House 2B.

There is no time limit to the heist so, feel free to explore and steal the items you can fit in your backpack to get the maximum profit from the heist. However, you can always come back to the Forestside Resort to steal the leftover items at any time.

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