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Thief Simulator 2: How to Steal the Carboard Box from 104



Thief Simulator 2 - Steal Cardboard Box 2

The story mode of Thief Simulator 2 lets you go through various quests alongside unlocking new skills and areas. One of the main quests that you will get to complete for the Private Number (guy) is stealing the Cardboard Box from 104. 104 House is one of the houses with advanced security systems and the Cardboard Box has some contents that the Private Number needs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to steal the Cardboard Box from 104 in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Steal the Cardboard Box from 104

Stealing the Cardboard Box from 104 House will require certain things to get past the security protocols and knowledge of where the Cardboard Box has been stored. To do so, follow the following steps.

  • Steal the Drone from 103 House.
  • Go back to the Hideout and buy the Camera Disable Module from DroneTech. It will cost you $300.
  • Buy all the info for 104 House on RobTips.

After getting all the things, go to House 104 and pass the time until 11:00 or for the night until the tenant is asleep. Use the Drone by pressing the G Button and fly it close to the camera to disable it by pressing the R Button. Pick lock the front door and make your way to the yellow marked item. It will be stored inside the local junkyard building on the left side. Pick lock the door of the building and go to the back room on the left side to find the Cardboard Box.

Interact with the Cardboard Box to pick it up and then leave the property to place it at the back of your car. The tenant comes back at 12:00 so, you will only be able to steal the Cardboard Box in this time period however, if you want to steal more then come back at night when the tenant is asleep.

Once you have secured the Cardboard Box, you can take it back to your hideout and cut it open on the table in the living room to find a Black Package. Send the Black Package to the Private Number through the BlackBay app to complete the quest.

That is all related to how to Steal the Cardboard Box from 104 in Thief Simulator 2.

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