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Thief Simulator 2: Where to Store Items



Thief Simulator 2 - Store Items

Robbing various houses in Thief Simulator 2 will get you several items including some valuable items that are worth more than its original selling price. You can sell those valuables or needed items for way more price at the BlackBay App than at the Pawnshop. However, BlackBay requires 2 – 4 items at once for a higher price and you might have to hold on to some of the items until you get all the required items but it could be difficult to hold items in your backpack as it can only store 15kg worth of items. It can make things difficult unless you know where to store your items so that you can loot freely and store the items you need for the future.

This guide will assist you in how you can store items in Thief Simulator 2.

Where to Store Items in Thief Simulator 2

Handling valuable stolen items can be difficult in Thief Simulator 2 as there is not a lot of space in your backpack as well as in the truck of your car. As soon they fill up, you will try to sell all the items to make space and earn money even though you need the item for later use. However, there are storage units for each type of item right at your Hideout but you can easily miss them.

If you want to store the small items that your character usually keeps in the Backpack, then you need to interact with the locker inside your hideout. The locker is located inside the small storage room on the right side as soon as you enter the house. Interact with the locker to store items from your backpack to the locker by simply clicking on the items. Keep in mind that the locker can only hold up to 99kg of items.

You will also come across heavier items in your adventure of robbing houses that can be temporarily stored in the trunk of your car but if you want to store them permanently and make space in the trunk, then you should bring those items to the hideout and place them inside the shed. The shed is located in the northwest corner of your hideout area. You can store heavier items in the shed just by dropping them. Pick the heavier items from the back of your car and then drop them inside the shed to store them.

That is all related to where to store items in Thief Simulator 2.

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