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Users discover another feature of Cyberpunk 2077 that was cut… And that it would have been nice to have



Cyberpunk to be fixed by June; Will include a lot of cut content; PS4/Xbox code being completely rewritten

Can you imagine that the game would have had a complete train system?
Just in the middle of December, we told you in a news story everything that CD Projekt promised and is not in Cyberpunk 2077. But of course, that was what they announced themselves, but now it seems that a player has found a function, which was not only included but seems to have fallen in half.

Even if, finally, CD Projekt decided not to allow V to run and climb the walls, there is no other remedy left than resignation in the face of it. At least, that feature was scrapped with an official announcement, but what about the complete train system that Cyberpunk 2077 could have had? And yes, it is almost included in the final game.

Above the streets of Night City you can see what looks like rails, something that is not clear if it is for decoration or if they thought to include something else, but when exploring a player found more than the rails. Through Reddit, a user discovered unused and used art materials, found within the city that suggest usable trains and even entire stations.

Via Reddit, user Sybekul has shared a video as he walks along with one of the rails and enters the nearest station that was created for the occasion, but which was ultimately not included. “I found a train station that you can use in Heywood, there was a glass elevator at street level and you can get on the platform,” comments another user who claimed to find only one.

But no, since other Reddit users in the comments said they had seen more along with the map, with one of them saying there were many and in concentre a station right next to the apartment of V. Of course, right now it is not known if this was removed-although not at all – or it was not finished, but it is possible that a little of both.

But what if it was a function to be added later? Right now CD Projekt is immersed in solving the problems of the game, especially on consoles, so it is also not disposable that it had more functions planned.

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