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We Were Here Forever: The Cemetery Puzzle



We Were Here Forever: The Cemetery Puzzle

After completing chapter 2, the players have to choose their next go-to location in the game. They get to choose from 3 different locations and can go to any location they want. They need to find a component of the machine in the Chapel from that place. Each place has a single component and you guys have to find every component of the machine from the locations. If you go straight from the signboard after taking the lift down to the other side of the chasm, outside the Chapel, then you reach the Cemetery Vault location and you get a component from that place.

In this guide, we tell you how to solve The Cemetery Puzzle, the first puzzle in the Cemetery Vault location.

How to Solve the Cemetery Puzzle

Once you reached the location, one of the players has to open the glowing coffin just before the steel gate, the person who opens the coffin will be taken down in the well and the steel door will open. The person down in the well will get a pickaxe and he can break the walls and dig deep into the underground catacombs. The player above will find a mechanism with symbol badges. The players have to put badges in the correct order onto the mechanism in order to solve the puzzle.

There’ll be a mechanism on the right side of the puzzle that you can use to trade the symbol badges with the other player. On the left side of the puzzle, there’ll be a half tombstone that has symbols on it similar to the badges that’ll actually show the criteria of badges to trade with the other player. The arrows between the symbol will show that these symbols can be traded and other than these two symbols cannot be traded. So, in order to trade the badges, you have to go in a full cycle or sometimes just trade directly with the next symbol.

We Were Here Forever: The Cemetery Puzzle

After you’ve placed all the badges in the correct order onto the mechanism, The wall of the mechanism will go down and a path will be appeared going down. You can go down the path and will find a gate blocked. Come back up and go right from the mechanism, you will find a well and you can lower a bucket, and then the player down will place their pickaxe in the bucket. Pick the pickaxe and go to the breakable walls in the area.

We Were Here Forever: The Cemetery Puzzle

Now you can break the walls in the area with the pickaxe and the next puzzle also lies behind the walls.

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