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Where to find logs and shipwrecks in New World



Where to find logs and shipwrecks in New World

We help you complete in just a few minutes the New World mission that invites us to find a series of records and shipwrecks.

During one of the missions to New World, we will have to look for records and wrecks, something that can end up dislodging the player because they could not give us the correct instructions at the beginning, but luckily we already know how to overcome that mission.

And it is that as you progress through the main story, you will come across a mission where you will receive small instructions on the location of different shipwreck records, which are hidden on islands in the area.

So at a glance, we tell you how to overcome quickly and easily the mission that invites us to find logs and wrecks in New World.

Where to find logs and shipwrecks in New World

Once we have reached this mission that is not to be missed, we must head about 250 m northwest of Charity Douglas. As you get closer, the objective of the mission will be updated and we must interact with three books that are in this same area. The books will be marked directly on the map, so they are unmissable.

Once we have found these three books or records the mission continues, because it has not finished, and this time we must head southwest from where we are.

We will arrive at another small island, and the mission marker should be updated but this time instead of looking for books we are told to find a chest that is specifically on the deck of a shipwrecked ship in that area.

Once you have found this chest, and this time will be the last, we must search for new records heading southeast until we locate two flags of the Bounty of Boehm.

When we have collected them, we must return to Charity Douglas to definitively complete this mission.

As a reward, you will get a treated wood bow, 330 experience points, and 59 coins.

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