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Everdream Valley – How to Cook Food



Everdream Valley: How to Cook Food

Cooking is one of the activities in Everdream Valley that players will get fond of pretty early in the game. It is one of the many activities around the farm that players can choose to do but it is also one of the most useful ones as food is used to increase the Maximum Stamina of the character. So, if players want to increase the stamina of the character which is very low at the beginning, learning how to cook food is a crucial step in Everdream Valley.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook food in Everdream Valley.

How to Cook Food in Everdream Valley

Like many others activities in Everdream Valley that require their respective workstation to be fixed before using it, Cooking will also require the Kitchen to be fixed. Players can find the Kitchen at the West side of the house marked with a Spoon and Fork Icon. The Kitchen will be hidden between the small trees so, players would have to use the Axe to cut down the trees. After that, hold down the F Button to repair the Kitchen which will cost 5x Wood. Players can get the wood by cutting down trees.

Once the Kitchen is fixed, players will be able to cook food on it. Go near the Kitchen and interact with it by pressing the F Button to see ingredients in your inventory and cooking recipes. Players can cook ready-made recipes by adding the required ingredients to the Cooking Pan and then selecting the Cook option. It will start the cooking mini-game in which players will have to use the W, A, S, and D Keys to spin the pan according to the directions that appear on the screen to properly cook the recipe.

Cooking Mini-Game

Players can unlock new recipes by completing the story tasks or by experimenting with random ingredients. Eating the cooked food will increase the maximum stamina of the character so, players would be spending a lot of time at the Kitchen to fill their inventory with food.

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